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Free computer training

The Grand Rapids Public Library offers free computer training for all levels—novice to advanced. These free classes are offered September through May and cover a wide range of topics. The library also offers Speak to the Geek: One-on-One Computer Sessions that provide individualized learning during an informal, drop-in time.

Open Lab – Bilingual Computer Help

Need help with your computer, tablet, or smartphone? We’re here to help. Stop by during our drop-in computer help sessions.

Laboratorio Abierto
Sesiones bilingües de ayuda con la computadora

¿Necesita ayuda con su computadora, tableta, o teléfono inteligente? ¡Sólo estamos aquí para ayudar! Visítenos durante nuestras sesiones de ayuda de computadora para responder sus preguntas.

Centro de Capacitación en Informática para Adultos
Nivel Inferior

Building Basic Computer Skills

Are you often confused by computer terms and lingo? By learning the key concepts and basic terminology used in technology, you can build a foundation for digital literacy that will last a lifetime. In this class, you will begin the process of developing the skills you will need to navigate the Internet, mobile devices and many types of software. 


Discovering the Internet

Using the Internet can be an intimidating experience for many people. In this class, you will learn how the Internet works and basic definitions for the most common Internet terms. Discover tips and tricks on how to protect your information and identity while searching, shopping and surfing the web. 

Exploring Social Media and Email

The Internet and social media have made it easier than ever to keep in touch with friends and family. Beginning with a brief introduction to email, this class will teach you how to communicate with others online and offer tips on how to be safe while doing so. You will learn the basics of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Find out what you need to get started with Skype and Google Hangouts and other video calling services. 


Managing Your Digital Footprint

Have you ever forgotten a password? Do you wish you had a plan to manage your online information and protect your privacy? Managing your digital footprint may seem intimidating, but with a plan and the right tools, you can stay safe and get the most out of your experience online. This class offers methods and tools you can use right away to begin managing your online profiles, passwords, and information. 

Internet Privacy: Protecting Yourself in the Digital Age

It seems every day we hear about how governments, corporations, and hackers are gaining access to individual accounts and personal information. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to minimize risk as you go online. Join us in learning how to secure information and manage your digital footprint. Topics include securing your Internet connection and browser, creating and managing effective passwords, and using email aliases to keep your information more secure.

Social Media Privacy: Taking Control of Your Profiles

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have revolutionized how we communicate and relate to one another. But at what cost? In this class, we cover how social media uses personal information and how you can regain some control over your online profiles. We also discuss important settings and features that help you control your social media profiles and online identity. 

Basic Computer Maintenance

Have you noticed your computer is slowing down? Have you had a virus or malware infect your machine?  In this class, we demonstrate a few basic things you can do to keep your desktop, laptop or mobile device running smoothly and efficiently. We also discuss various problems and threats that can completely disable or reduce the lifespan of or your machine. 

Backup Basics: How to Secure your Data

Whether it’s your family photos, business documents or digital media collection, your digital data is valuable. In this class, we discuss how to ensure your digital data is kept safe and secure. From thumb drives and hard drives to cloud storage, find multiple ways to backup your data, whether you use a traditional computer, smartphone, or tablet. 

Cutting Cable

Streaming Television and Movies without Cable TV

Have you been thinking of canceling your cable TV subscription? This program will show you how to stream the content you want while saving money on your monthly bill. We will discuss the devices you need to begin streaming TV and movies. You will learn how to find content from providers such as Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon. We will also show you how to use Hoopla and Kanopy, two streaming services you can use for free with your GRPL library card.

Getting Started with

Need advanced-level help with Excel? Want to learn how to use new Adobe software? Interested in travel photography? With and your library card, you can pick up a new hobby or begin training for a new career with the help of engaging online tutorials from industry experts. Tutorials cover a wide range of skills and topics in the fields of business, technology, and the arts. This introductory class will walk you through the steps of signing up for this service and allow you time to explore all that has to offer.

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