Social Justice Begins With Me

Book Club for Kids

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Each month, the Social Justice Begins with Me book club examines a different social justice topic.

Children ages 4-8 listen to a book read by a volunteer and discuss the month’s social justice topics in small groups.

Children ages 9-11 will read a book in advance and discuss the book as a group. All participants will enjoy a snack and themed craft activity.

This program is a partnership between the Grand Rapids Public Library and the School of Social Work at Grand Valley State University. 


Big Boys Cry

by Jonty Howley
(Ages 4 – 5)

Stella Brings the Family

by Miriam B. Schiffer & Holly Clifton-Brown
(Ages 4 – 5)

Catching the Moon: The Story of a Young Girl's Baseball Dream

by Crystal Hubbard
(Ages 6 – 8)

Zenobia July

by Lisa Bunker
(Ages 9 – 11)

October 16, 2021: Healthy, Happy Brain

Happy Dreamer

by Peter Reynolds
(Ages 4 – 5)

How to Build a Hug

by Amy Guglielmo
(Ages 4 – 5)

Don't Feed the Worry Bug

by Andi Green
(Ages 6 – 8)

The Princess and the Fog

by Lloyd Jones
(Ages 6 – 8)

Can You See Me?

by Libby Scott
(Ages 9 – 11)

November 13, 2021: Economic Justice


by Andrea Wang
(Ages 4 – 5)

A Place to Stay: A Shelter Story

by Erin Gunti
(Ages 4 –5)

Yes, We Can!, Si, Se Puede!

by Diana Cohn
(Ages 6 – 8)

Maddi's Fridge

by Lois Brandt
(Ages 6 – 8)

How to Steal a Dog

by Barbara O’Connor
(Ages 9 – 11)

December 11, 2021: Racial Justice 

Where Are You From?

by Yamile Saied Mendez
(Ages 4 – 5)

Your Name is A Song

by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow
(Ages 4 – 5)

The Lying Liar Called Racism

by Giselle Fuerte
(Ages 6 – 8)

Hot Hot Roti for Dada

by Farhana-Zia
(Ages 6 – 8)

New Kid

by Jerry Craft
(Ages 9 – 11)