History Highlight | Grand Rapids Chicks, Ernestine “Teeny” Petras

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Photo credit: Robinson Studio photographs, Grand Rapids Public Library

Ernestine “Teeny” Petras

Hometown: Haskell, New Jersey

Though she was 5’5” tall, she probably got her nickname because her given name was Ernestine. The trade mark of fine infielders is their defensive ability and Teeny achieved superb records. She was the single season leader for four seasons with the Chicks. Petras was also the all-time single-season leader as a shortstop in 1948.

Learn more about Ernestine through these original stories in the Grand Rapids Press archives:

July 14, 1951: Rally in Eighth Provides Sweep in Kenosha Series
“Teeny Petras, Comet shortstop, got hot under the collar when called out on the third strike.”

June 15, 1949: Teeny Petras Loses Appeal on Fine
“...for the manner in which she protested in the first game and for throwing her glove in the second instance.”

July 1, 1948: Teeny Petras Returns as Chicks Host Chicago Girls
Teeny Petras is newly allotted to the Chicago Colleens.

September 9, 1947: Chicks Open Final Playoffs Here Tuesday