2015 Summer Reading Challenge!

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Are you up to the challenge this summer?

Reading is your super power. You can leap stacks of books in a single bound. You rescue friends from boredom by lending them a good book. Now you face your greatest challenge—reading as many books as you can before the end of the summer. Set your own reading goal and keep track of the books you read. How many books will your super powers help you read before school starts? 7? 49? 163? Read 15 minutes or more every day and watch your reading power magnify! Are you up to the challenge?

You must bond together with other readers. Which team will you join? Fiery Force? Team Terra? Splash Squad? Wind Warriors? Together you will work to grow your reading powers. Which team will emerge as the champion at the end of the summer? Together your powers are strong!

Add to your Reading Log May 26 – September 6

Registration is now open! Visit your online account and sign up. Check in with staff at the library to get your starter prize. Beginning May 26, keep track of what you read on the log in the Summer Reading Challenge brochure (available at any GRPL location). Finisher prizes will be available starting July 15. Need some help? Check out our registration guide.

Have fun!

We’ve got loads of special events planned!

Hero’s Quest Meetup

Thursday, July 30 • 2:00 pm
Main Library – 111 Library St NE

Meet other questers! Come to the library to find your teammates, plot, and strategize how to increase your superhero team’s elemental power. Help your teammates build an amazing defense system against the Evil Overlord and his brainless minions. You won’t want to miss out on this meetup event!

Cool Comic Workshops

Discover your inner artist, share your love of comics and your favorite characters in these hands on, interactive workshops.

Why is Summer Reading important?

We can help keep your kids smart this summer.

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Thank you! Thank you!

The Summer Reading Challenge was made possible by loads of sponsors and community partners. So many that we’ve dedicated a whole web page to sharing them with the world. Take a look. It’s a beautiful thing when a community comes together to do good stuff (you know, like encouraging kids to read).

Illustration credit: Misha VanVaerenbergh