Today I Feel...

The impact of COVID-19 on children can be especially difficult. As we practice social distancing and limit our social interactions, it's important to discuss feelings with kids. In our "Today I Feel..." series, we've outlined tips and resources to help parents and caregivers navigate the spectrum of emotions that kids are experiencing. Tune in for frequent updates to this page.

1. Sad

Activities and tips for caregivers.

1. There are many ways to feel grief or sadness, and each one is ok.

2. Have your child draw a picture of their feelings. Talk about the drawing together.

3. Kids might not talk about their grief or sadness for weeks or more. Be available to talk about things when they come up.

4. Set aside time to do short activies together.

Check out The Rabbit Listened and What to Do When I Am Sad. Both titles are available for digitial download.

2. Loved

Activities and tips for caregivers.

1. Caring for yourself helps you care for your child.

2. Draw a love note and mail it to a loved one together.

3. Everyday gestures or saying “I love you” are great ways to show children you care.

4. Multiply the affection! Give your child 12 hugs, tell them you love them 25 times. Children love the silliness of the amount and enjoy the extra affection!

Check out ABC Love and I Am Love. Both titles are available for digitial download.

3. Worried

Activities and tips for caregivers.

1. Be open and honest about your feelings with your child. They can see that it’s ok to be human.

2. Find out what your child knows. Ask, “What have you heard?” Then listen to their response.

3. Tell your child the truth. Explain the facts to your child in a way they’ll understand.

4. It’s ok to say “I don’t know.”

5. Take turns naming objects in the room. This can help focus on the present instead of worries about the past or future.

6. Blow bubbles together. See eho can slowly blow the biggest bubble. Blowing bubbles can slow down breathing and make you feel calm.

Check out All Birds Have Anxiety. This title is available for digitial download.

4. Happy

Activities and tips for caregivers.

1. Happiness, like a habit, takes practice. Take time each day to focus on positive thoughts.

2. Make a happy chain. On strips of paper, write positive thoughts, experiences, or things that make you happy.

3. Tape them in interlocking loops. Look at them when feeling down.

4. Teach your kids to scan the world around them for things that make them happy. Notice the little things!

5. Sing (or listen to) your favorite songs about happiness.

Check out My Heart Fills with Happiness (0 – 5 years) or Happy Right Now
(6 – 8 years). These titles are available for digitial download.