New and Future Book Releases


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Printable List of New and Future Book Releases (.pdf)


Archer, Jeffrey – Nothing Ventured
Atwood, Margaret Eleanor – The Testaments
Barclay, Linwood – Elevator Pitch
Barr, Nevada – What Rose Forgot
Cabot, Meg – No Judgments
Chevalier, Tracy – A Single Thread
Coates, Ta-Neshisi – The Water Dancer
Coleman, Reed Farrel – Robert B. Parker’s The Bitterest Pill
Cussler, Clive – The Titanic Secret
Dekker, Ted – The Girl Behind the Rope
Deveraux, Jude – Met Her Match
Flynn, Vince – Lethal Agent
Graham, Heather – The Stalking
Gross, Andrew – The Fifth Column
Hoffman, Alice – The World That We Knew
Jance, Judith A. – Sins of the Fathers
King, Stephen – The Institute
Krueger, William Kent – This Tender Land
Macmillan, Gilly – The Nanny
Michaels, Fern – Spirit of the Season
Patchett, Ann – The Dutch House
Patterson, James – Killer Instinct
Perry, Anne – Death in Focus
Prescott, Lara – The Secrets We Kept
Robb, J. D. – Vendetta in Death
Rushdie, Salman – Quichotte
Unger, Lisa – The Stranger Inside
Woodson, Jacqueline – Red at the Bone


Aciman, André – Find Me
Bardugo, Leigh – Ninth House
Cameron, W. Bruce – A Dog’s Promise
Child, Lee – Blue Moon
Connelly, Michael – The Night Fire
Connolly, John – A Book of Bones
Cornwall, Patricia Daniels – Quantum
DeMille, Nelson – The Deserter
Gerritsen, Tess – The Shape of Night
Grisham, John – The Guardians
Guillory, Jasmine – Royal Holiday
Hilderbrand, Elin – What Happens in Paradise
Hill, Joe – Full Throttle
Jordan, Robert – Warrior of the Altaii
Kinsella, Sophie – Christmas Shopaholic
Lauren, Christina – Twice in a Blue Moon
Le Carre, John – Agent Running in the Field
Macomber, Debbie – A Mrs. Miracle Christmas
McCall Smith, Alexander – To the Land of Long Lost Friends
Morris, Heather – Cilka’s Journey
Moyes, Jojo – The Giver of Stars
O’Brien, Edna – Girl
Patterson, James – The 19th Christmas
Sandford, John – Bloody Genius
Smith, Zadie – Grand Union
Steel, Danielle – Child’s Play
Strout, Elizabeth – Olive, Again
Thayer, Nancy – Let It Snow
Todd, Charles – A Cruel Deception
Woods, Stuart – Stealth


Atkins, Ace – Robert B. Parker’s Angel Eyes
Baldacci, David – A Minute to Midnight
Berg, Elizabeth – The Confession Club
Clark, Mary Higgins – Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry
Cornwall, Bernard – Sword of Kings
Crichton, Michael – The Andromeda Evolution
Cussler, Clive – Final Option
Evanovich, Janet – Twisted Twenty-Six
Evans, Richard Paul – Noel Street
Grimes, Martha – The Old Success
Jewell, Lisa – The Family Upstairs
Morgenstern, Erin – The Starless Sea
Patterson, James – Criss Cross
Roberts, Nora – The Rise of Magicks
Smith, Martin Cruz – The Siberian Dilemma
Steel, Danielle – Spy


Beaton, M.C. – Beating About the Bush
Griffin, W.E.B. – The Attack
McCall Smith, Alexander – The Peppermint Tea Chronicles
Vandermeer, Jeff – Dead Astronauts