GR Viewfinder

Mash up Grand Rapids' past with the present.

Grand Rapids Public Library invites you to make a permanent impact on our history with GR Viewfinder photo project! We have posted a lot of photos of old Grand Rapids on our Imgur and we are looking for artistically minded, techy, and determined individuals to match the old with the new. Grab a photo of Grand Rapids off of GRPublicLibrary Imgur page and replicate the viewpoint from which the photo was taken. We have loads of photos of neighborhoods, houses of worship, and downtown streets and buildings. 

Use some software, Microsoft Paint or Photoshop work great, and layer the two matching up the scenes so that old and new are brought together! All submissions will be shared on our Imgur as well as other social media platforms and a permanent copy will be kept in our digital archive in the Local History and Special Collections Department.

Please email submissions to