Subject Files

A wealth of information on hundreds of local subjects




Acton Institute

Acrisure (Business Files)

Action Tooling (formerly Action Mold and Machinery) Business Files

Actors-Grand Rapids

Ada, Michigan


Advertising Club of Grand Rapids

Affirmative Action Law (see Laws)

African-Americans in Grand Rapids

African-Americans in Michigan


  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan

Agriculture-Kent County

Air Pollution (see Pollution)

Alabastine Company (Business Files)

Alaska, Michigan

Alberta-Shook Chevrolet (Business Files)

Alcoholism-Grand Rapids/Michigan

Alexander & Co. (Business Files, Industries A-C)

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Alger Heights Neighborhood(see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Allegan, Michigan

Allen Calculator, Inc. (Business Files)

Allen Water Service Co. (Business Files, Industries A-C)

Alliant (Business Files)

Alpine Manor Nursing Home Murders (see Murders)

Alto, MI

American Box Board Company (Business Files)

American Cancer Society

American Civil Liberties Union, Western Michigan ACLU (see Unions)

American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers

American Laundry (Business Files)

American Legion-Grand Rapids

Americanization (Grand Rapids Americanization Council)

AMIS: Alternative Methods for International Stability

Amish (see Religious Groups)

Amtrak–Grand Rapids

Amway (Business Files)

Amway Grand Plaza (see Hotels)

Ancient Order of Hibernians (see Ethnic Groups; also Ethnic Groups, Irish)

Animal Abuse

Animals-Grand Rapids


  • East Grand Rapids
  • Grand Rapids (pre-1960s)
  • Grand Rapids (1960s)
  • Michigan

Annual Reports (various; located in separate drawers near Business Files)

Antiques–Grand Rapids/Michigan

Apartments–Grand Rapids

Aquinas College (see Colleges & Universities)

Arabs/Arab-Americans in Michigan (see Ethnic Groups)


Architects–Grand Rapids


  • Architecture & Engineering (general)
  • Building Materials
  • Grand Rapids
  • Kit Homes
  • Lustron Houses
  • Michigan
  • Octagon Houses

Archives of Michigan

Arena South District (see Neighborhoods)

Armenians in Grand Rapids (see Ethnic Groups)

Armory (see Buildings)

Arnie’s Bakery (Business Files)

Arsulowicz Brothers Mortuaries Inc. (Business Files)

Art Center School for Grand Rapids (see Colleges & Universities)

Arthritis–Grand Rapids/Michigan

Artists–Grand Rapids

Artists and Sculptors–Michigan



Arts Council

Association of Grand Rapids Area Gov’t



Athena Awards (see Awards)

Attorney General–Michigan (see Gov’t–MI)

Auburn Hills (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)


  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan

Auto Routes

Autocam Medical (Business Files)

Automatic Musical Instrument Co. (see A.C. Rowe Mftg, Business Files)

Automobile Industry–Grand Rapids

  • General
  • Austin
  • DeVeaux Motors Corp.

Automobile Industry-Michigan

Aves Advertising (Business Files)


  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan


  • General
  • Athena Awards
  • Baxter Awards
  • Carnegie Heroes–MI
  • Giant Awards
  • Medal of Honor–Grand Rapids


B & J Theaters Inc. (Business Files)

BAMF Health (Business Files)

Baker Book House (Business Files)

Baker Museum and Craft Shop (see Museums)

Balloon Ascensions — Grand Rapids

Banks-Grand Rapids

  • Commercial Savings Bank
  • Failure 1893
  • Fifth Third Bank
  • Fourth National Bank
  • General
  • Grand Rapids National Bank
  • Grand Rapids Savings Bank
  • Grand Rapids Trust Company
  • Great Lakes Financial Corp./Union Bancorp
  • Lake Michigan Credit Union
  • Macatawa Bank
  • Mercantile Bank
  • Michigan National
  • Old Kent Bank


Barclay, Ayers & Bertsch (Business Files)


Barto & Son Funeral Home (Business Files)

Baseball–Grand Rapids (see Sports)

Baseball–African-American Teams (see Sports)

Basketball-Grand Rapids (see Sports)

Batts, Inc. (Business Files)

Bazzani Building Co.(see Business Files)

Baxter Award Recipients (see Awards)

Baxter Neighborhood (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Bay City, MI

Beacon Hill

Beauty Pageants

Beaver Island (see Islands–Michigan)

Beds & Breakfasts — Grand Rapids

Beer & Breweries

  • Brewery Vivant
  • Founders Brewery
  • Furniture City Brewing Co.
  • Grand Rapids Brewing Co.
  • Harmony Brewing Co.
  • Krusterer’s Brewery
  • New Holland

Beer City Dog Biscuits (Business Files)

Belding, Michigan

Belknap Lookout (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Belknap Target Area (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Belmont (see Plainfield)

Benjamin’s Hope

Benteler Automotive (see Business Files)

Berkey & Gay Building (see Buildings)

Bernott Religious Supply (see Business Files)

Bethany Christian Services

Better Business Bureau

Beverage Container Deposit Law [Bottle Bill] (see Laws)

Bicentennial 1976

Bicycle Trails–Michigan


Big Bands in Grand Rapids

Big Brothers Big Sisters

Big Rapids, MI

Bil-Mar Foods (Business Files)

Birds–Grand Rapids


Bissell Carpet Sweeper Co. (Business Files)

Bissell House

Bissell Pet Foundation

Bixby Office Supply (Business Files)

Black Hills Association (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Blackmer (Business Files)

Blandford Nature Center

Bleake, Oliver (Store)(Business Files)

Blendon Landing

Blight–Grand Rapids

Blind and Visually Impaired

Bliven, H.M. – Fish and Oysters (Business Files)

Blodgett Home for Children (see D.A. Blodgett-St. John’s)

Blodgett Hospital (see Hospitals)

Blue Bridge (see Bridges: GR&I Railroad Bridge)

Blue Laws [Sunday closing] (see Laws)

Blue Sky Laws (see Laws)

Boats & Boating–Grand Rapids

  • General
  • City of Grand Rapids (named boat)
  • Grand Rapids Power Squadron

BOB, The (see Buildings)

Bold Advanced Medical Future Health (Business Files)

Bosler Hair Shop (Business Files, Industries, A-C)

Boston Store, The (see Trankla, Charles P&B file)

Bowling–Grand Rapids (see Sports)

Boxing–Grand Rapids (see Sports)

Boy Scouts

Boys and Girls Club of Grand Rapids

Breen & Halladay Fuel Company (Business Files, Industries A-C)

Brickmaking Industry in GR (Business Files)

Bridge Street Electric (Business Files)

Bridge Street House (see Hotels)

Bridges–Grand Rapids/Kent Co.

  • Blue Bridge (GR&I Railroad)
  • Bridge Street (iron) Bridge
  • Covered Bridges
  • Fulton Street Bridge
  • “Grand Crossings”
  • Leonard Street Bridge
  • North Park Bridge
  • Pearl Street Bridge
  • Pine Island Bridge (Algoma Twp)
  • 6th Street Bridge
  • Stegman Creek Trestle(White Pine Trail, Algoma Twp)
  • Wealthy Street Bridge


  • Mackinac Bridge
  • United States/Canada

Broadway Grand Rapids

Brown, Clark & Co.(Business Files, Brickmaking)

Brown & Sehler Co. (see Sehler, John P&B file)

Buddhism/Buddhists (see Religious Groups)


  • 10 Ionia
  • 20 Monroe Live
  • Armory
  • Berkey & Gay Building
  • Blue35
  • (The)B.O.B.
  • Calkins Law Office
  • City-County Building
  • Civic Auditorium
  • Coliseum (see Heysteck Bldg.)
  • DeVos Place
  • Fanatorium
  • Federal Square Building
  • Graceland Mausoleum
  • Grand Center (includes DeVos Hall)
  • Grand Rapids City Hall
  • Grand Rapids Home for Veterans
  • Grand Rapids Stadium
  • Grand Rapids Trust Building
  • (The) Hillmount
  • Harris Building
  • Heystek Building (form. The Coliseum)
  • Houseman Block
  • Keeler Building
  • Kendall Building
  • Kent County Courthouse
  • Kingsley Building
  • Klingman’s Building
  • Luce Block
  • McKay Tower (formerly Grand Rapids Ntl Bank)
  • Manufacturer’s Building (Kendall)
  • Metz Building
  • Meyer May House
  • Michigan Trust
  • Monroe Ave. Filtration Plant
  • Oakwood Manor
  • Peck Block
  • UICA
  • Union Depot
  • Van Andel Arena
  • Van Andel Institute
  • Van Andel Museum Building
  • Venue
  • Voigt House
  • YMCA (old)
  • Waters Building
  • Detroit Buildings
  • GR Buildings: 1838-60
  • GR Buildings: Not-built
  • Building Construction & Trends

Buildings (not built) – Grand Rapids

  • Furniture Capital Building (Furniture Files)

Bullying & Harassment

Bulman, Orville (see Artists–GR; see also Bulman, Orville P&B file)

Burleson Sanitarium (see Hospitals–general; also, Burleson, Dr. Willard P&B file)

Burton Heights Neighborhood (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Bus transportation–GR (see Rapid, The)

Business–Grand Rapids

  • General
  • Internet/Social Media
  • Start-Ups

Butterworth Hospital (see Hospitals)

Butterworth Landfill Sites

Byron Center, Michigan


C2 Group, The (Business)

CASA (Court Appointed Special Services) (Annual Reports)

C & D Company (Business Files, Industries A-C)

C.H. Runciman Co. (Business Files)

CURE International (Business Files)

CWD Real Estate (Business Files)

C.W. Mills Paper Company (Business Files, Industries A-C)

Cable Cars–Grand Rapids

Cadillac, Michigan

Caffeinated Press (Business Files)

Calder, Alexander and Grand Rapids

Calder Plaza

Caledonia, Michigan & Caledonia Township

Calkins Law Office (see Buildings)

Calvin College (see Colleges & Universities)

Camp Blodgett

Campau Centennial Memorial Medals (Grand Rapids History–Centennial Celebration)

Campfire Girls

Canals–Grand Rapids


Candymaking (Business Files)

Canoe Trails-Michigan (see Trails)

Cannon Twp.

Capital Punishment–Michigan

Car Shows/Cruises

Cargill Co. (Business Files)

Carnegie Heroes–MI (see Awards)

Cartoons–Grand Rapids

Cascade Area (Michigan)

Cass County, MI

Catherine’s Health Center

Cedar Springs, Michigan

Celebration on the Grand (see Celebrations/Festivals)


  • General
  • African American Art and Music Festival
  • Celebration on the Grand
  • Centennial Celebration (GR)
  • Cinco de Mayo
  • Festival of the Arts
  • Festival of Faith & Music
  • Festivals–Michigan
  • Founders Fest
  • GR Film Festi
  • GR Music Fest
  • GRand Jazz Fest
  • Irish on Ionia
  • Juneteenth
  • Labor Fest
  • LaughFest
  • MLK, Jr. Day
  • Millennium Celebration
  • New Year’s
  • Oktoberfest
  • Tulip Festival (Holland)
  • Turn-of-the-Century Celebrations
  • World of Winter
  • Zine Fest

Cemeteries–Grand Rapids/Kent County

  • General
  • Fulton
  • Maple Grove
  • Oakhill
  • Rosedale (0ttawa Co.)


  • Austin Cemetery (Calhoun County)
  • Indianville Catholic Cemetery (Cheboygan County)
  • Marble Cemetery (Ionia County)
  • Porter Cemetery (Calhoun County)
  • Riggsville Cemetery (Cheboygan County)
  • Rosedale Cemetery (Ottawa County)
  • Sylvan Township Cemetery (Osceola County)

Censorship–Grand Rapids/Michigan

Census (see also Population)

Centennial Businesses and Cities

Centennial Celebration (see Celebrations & Festivals)

Centennial Corporation

Centennial Farms–Kent Co./Michigan

Central Boiler Works (Business Files, Industries A-C)

Central Michigan Paper Company (Business Files, Industries A-C)

Central Volunteer Service

Certainteed Products Corporation (Business Files)

Chaffee Planetarium

Charities (general)

Charter Schools (see Schools)

Cheney Talking Machine Co. (Business Files)

Cherie Inn (see Business Files)

Cherry Hill District (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Cherry Health Services

Child Abuse

Child Advocacy

Child Development

Child Guidance Clinics–Grand Rapids

Children of the American Revolution

Children’s Fund of Michigan (see Foundations)

Children’s Healing Center

Childsdale, MI

Childsport Inc. (Business Files, Industries A-C)

Chinese in Grand Rapids/Michigan (see Ethnic Groups)

Chinnick Cafeteria, Bowling Alley & Billiards (Business Files)

Christian Labor Association

Christman Company (Business Files)

Christmas (see Holidays)

Churches–Grand Rapids:

  • African Methodist Episcopal
  • All Souls Universalist
  • Baptist
  • The Basilica of St. Adelbert’s
  • Calvary Church
  • Catholic
  • Diocese of Grand Rapids
  • Central Church of Christ
  • Central Reformed Church
  • Christian Reformed Church
  • Church of Christ
  • Congregational
  • Episcopal
  • Evangelical–United Brethren
  • First United Methodist
  • Fountain Street Church
  • General (Grand Rapids churches)
  • Lutheran
  • Methodist
  • Park (First) Congregational
  • Pentecostal
  • Presbyterian
  • Reformed Church in America
  • St. Alphonsus
  • St. Andrew’s Cathedral
  • St. Mark’s Episcopal
  • St. Michael’s Ukranian
  • Westminster Presbyterian Church



Cigar Makers (Business Files)

Cigar Store Indians

Cinco de Mayo (see Celeb/Festivals)

Circuit Courts–Michigan


Citizen’s Action Movement (see Political Movements)

Citizen’s Advisory Council

Citizens Bee

Citizen’s League of Greater Grand Rapids

Citizens Telephone Company (Business Files, Industries A-C)

City Bakery (Business Files)

City Beautiful Movement–GR

City Commission–Grand Rapids (see Gov’t–Grand Rapids)

City-County Building (see Buildings)

City of Grand Rapids (boat; see Boats & Boating–GR)

City Manager (see Gov’t–Grand Rapids)

City Strike 1980 (see Strikes)

Civic Auditorium–Grand Rapids (see Buildings)

Civic Studio

Civic Theater (see Theaters:Grand Rapids)

Civic Theatre–Kalamazoo

Civil Defense

  • Grand Rapids/Kent Co.
  • Michigan

Civil Rights

  • General
  • Marriage Equality

Civil Service–Michigan

Civil War (see Wars)

  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan

Civilian Conservation Corps–Michigan

Clarke Historical Library (see Libraries)

Clements Library (see Libraries)

Climate Change

Clinic for Infant Feeding

Clinca Santa Maria (see Hospitals)

Clipper Belt Lacer Company (Business Files, Industries A-C)

Clock Makers

Clubs (General)

Cody Hotel (see Hotels)

Coffee Shops

Coit Pharmacy (Business Files, Steed’s Drugs)

Coldwater State Home and Training Center

Coliseum (see Buildings)

Colleges and Universities

  • General
  • Art Center School for Grand Rapids
  • Aquinas
  • Calvin University
  • Cooley Law School
  • Community Colleges
  • Cornerstone University (formerly Baptist Bible)
  • Davenport University (formerly Institute)
  • Ferris State University
  • Grand Rapids Community College
  • Grand Rapids Medical College
  • Grand Rapids Veterinary College
  • Grand Valley State University
  • Hope College
  • Jordan College
  • Kendall School of Art and Design
  • Kuyper College (formally Reformed Bible Institute)
  • Michigan State University
  • University of Michigan
  • Wayne State University
  • Western Michigan University

Color tours


Commercial Realty Transactions

Committee of 100 (see Gov’t–GR)

Common Cause (see Political Movements)


Communism (see Political Movements)

Community Colleges (see Colleges & Universities)

Community Councils

Community Development (general)

Community Development Committee (see Gov’t–GR)

Community Food Co-op

Community Hotel (Hotel Browning; see Hotels)

Community Hunger Appeal of the Church World Service (CROP)

Community Planning–Michigan

Composers (see Music)

  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan

Comstock Park, Michigan

Conductron Corp. (Business Files, Industries A-C)

Confectioners (Business Files, see Candy making)

Connor Foundry Co.(Business Files)

Consoer, Townsend, & Assoc. (Business Files)


Conservative Federation of Michigan (see Political Movements)


  • General
  • Grand Rapids/Kent Co.


Constitutional Convention

  • 1907 & 1914
  • 1961-62

Consumers Power–Grand Rapids/MI (Business Files)

Convention Bureau-Grand Rapids


Corduroy Rubber Co. (Business Files)

Corl-Knott Co. (Business Files)

Cornerstone Architects, Inc. (Business Files)

Cornish in Michigan (see Ethnic Groups)


Cost of Living–Grand Rapids

Council of Neighborhood Assoc-GR (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Council of Performing Arts for Children


Country Clubs–Kent County

County Road Assoc. of Michigan

Couple Gear Freight Wheel Co. (Business Files; also Church Family P&B file)

Covered Bridges (see Bridges)

Coye Inc. (Business Files)

Cranbrook Foundation (see Foundations)

Credit Unions

Creston Area (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Crime & Violence

  • General
  • Sexual Offenses

Crosby & Henry Insurance (see Crosby, Moreau S. P&B file)

Crozed Stave Corporation (Business Files)

Crysta Flash (Business Files)

Cultural Consolidation–GR/Kent Co.

Curling (see Sports)

Curtis Foam Engineering Inc. (Business Files, Industries A-C)

Cutlerville, Michigan

Cycling (see Sports–GR)


D.A. Blodgett-St. John’s

DK (DuHadway Kendall) Security (Business Files)

Dairy Industry

  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan


Daniels’ Neuropathic Institute (see Hospitals)

Darling Murder (see Murders)

Daughters of the American Revolution–Grand Rapids

Daughters of the American Revolution–Michigan

Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Daughters of 1812–Michigan

Davenport College–Grand Rapids (see Colleges & Universities)

Daverman Associates (Business Files)

Dawes Rolls

Deaconess/Esther Home


Degage Ministries

DeKorne Furniture Co. (Furniture Files)

Dematic (Business Files)

Democratic Party (see Political Parties)

  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan

Dent Chemical Co. (Business Files)


(The)Depression in Grand Rapids (see: How Grand Rapids Cared for its Jobless; see also: Scrip System–Grand Rapids)

Detroit Buildings (see Buildings)

Detroit Edison (Business Files)

Detroit Historical Museum (see Museums)


Detroit Institute of Arts (see Museums)

Detroit Public Library (see Libraries)

Detroit Tigers (see Sports Teams)

Detroit Zoological Society

DeVos Place Convention Center (see Buildings)

DeVries Jewelry

DeWitt Barrels (Business Files)

Dexter Industries Inc. (Business Files, Industries D-F)

Differential Clock Company (Business Files, Industries D-F)

Diocese of Grand Rapids (see Churches–Catholic)


Disasters–Grand Rapids




Distracted Driving

Diversity and Inclusion


Domestic Violence

Dominican Sisters–Grand Rapids (see Religious Orders)

Downtown Development Authority

Downtown Grand Rapids, Inc.

Downtown Improvement District

Downtown Market

Driver Education–Michigan


Drueke Co./Drueke Games (Business Files)


Drugstores–Grand Rapids

Drunk Driving


Dunker’s Club

Durfee Embalming Fluid Co.(see Durfee, Allen P&B file)

Dutch Immigrant Society (see Ethnic Groups)

Dutch in Grand Rapids (see Ethnic Groups)

Dutch Experience in Canada (see Ethnic Groups)

Dutch Royalty

Dutch Settlers-Michigan (see Ethnic Groups)


Eagle Hotel (see Hotels)


East Beltline (see Grand Rapids Streets)

East Grand Rapids, Michigan

East Grand Rapids Annexation (see Annexation)

East Grand Rapids–schools (see Schools)

East Hills neighborhood (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

East Paris (village of)

Eastown (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Eberhard Supermarkets (Business Files)

Ebony Road Players


Economic Club of Grand Rapids

Economic Conditions–Kent Co.

Economic Conditions–Michigan

Edmund Fitzgerald(ship)(see Great Lakes Shipwrecks)


  • Assessment Program
  • in Grand Rapids
  • in Michigan
  • History of–Michigan
  • Reform
  • Special Education–Michigan
  • Statistics–Michigan
  • Vocational Education

Edwards-Hine Co.(Business Files: Tisch-Hine Co.)

Eerdmans, William B. Publishing Co.(Business Files)

Elections Greater Grand Rapids

  • Before 1928
  • 1928
  • 1948-62
  • 1963
  • 1964-69
  • 1970
  • 1971
  • 1972
  • 1973
  • 1974-75
  • 1976
  • 1978
  • 1979
  • 1980
  • 1981
  • 1982
  • 1983
  • 1984
  • 1985
  • 1986
  • 1987
  • 1988
  • 1990
  • 1992
  • 2002-2012
  • 2013-
  • 2020


Elections 2020 Michigan

Electrical Power–Michigan

Electricity–Grand Rapids

Elenbaas Feed & Coal Co. (Business Files)


Elliott Button Fastener Co. (Elliott Machine Co.) (Business Files)

Elmcrest Home

Emergency Exchange Association of GR

Empire Organ Company (Business Files, Industries D-F)


  • Michigan
  • West Michigan

Energy Production & Conservation

Energy Crisis


Environment/Environmental Issues

Estates & Neighborhood Plats

Ethnic Groups

  • General
  • Arab Americans
  • Armenians in MI
  • Dutch
  • Finns
  • Germans
  • Greeks
  • Irish
  • Italian
  • Jews
  • Latinx
  • Latvian-Americans
  • Polish in Grand Rapids
  • Polish in Michigan
  • Scandinavians

Evangeline Home

Exchange Club

Experience Grand Rapids

Explosions–Grand Rapids


  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan

Extreme Sports (see Sports)


F. Raniville Company (see Raniville, Felix P&B file)

Failure Lab

Fair Employment Practices Commission

Fairs (see West Michigan Fair, Michigan State Fair)

Fallasburg Pioneer Village (see Museums)

Family Life Clinic

Family Tree Therapies (see Business Files)

Family Service Association

Famous People in Grand Rapids

  • Graham, Billy
  • Roosevelt, Teddy
  • Twain, Mark

Fanatorium (see Buildings)

Farmers’ Markets

  • General
  • Fulton Street Market


Fashion & Fashion Design

Federal Aid–Michigan (see Colleges & Universities)

Federation of Community Organizations & Services

Felt Mansion (see Buildings)

Ferguson Hospital (see Hospitals)


Ferris Coffee and Nut Co.

Ferris State (College) University (see Colleges & Universities)

Festival of the Arts (see Celebrations & Festivals)

Festival of Faith & Music (see Celebrations & Festivals)

Festival Grand Rapids (see Celebrations & Festivals)

Festivals–Michigan (see Celebrations & Festivals)

Film Industry- West Michigan (includes The Blissveldt Romance)


Financial Crisis–Michigan

Finns in Michigan (see Ethnic Groups)

Firearms Ordinance (see Gov’t–GR)

Fires–Grand Rapids/MI (general)

  • Fires/Fifth-Third Ballpark (2104)

Firsts (see Michigan Misc.)

Fish and Fishing – Michigan

Fish Ladder

Fisk Lake

Flag, Flower, Motto, Official-Kent Co.

Flag, Official-Michigan

Floods–Grand Rapids/Kent Co.

  • Flood of 2013

Flottorp Propellers (Business Files)

Flu (see also: Influenza Epidemic 1918-1919)


Food: Local/Sustainable

Food Business–Michigan

Food Trucks

Football (see Sports)

Ford Foundation (see Foundations)

Ford Museum & Library (see Museums, Gerald R. Ford Museum & Library)

Ford Paint & Vanish Company (Business Files)

Foreign Trade–Michigan

Forest Fires–Michigan

Forests–National Forests in Michigan

Forests and Forestry–Michigan



Foster Care

Foster, Stevens & Co. (see Stevens, Sidney P&B file)


  • General
  • Children’s Fund of Michigan
  • Cranbrook
  • Dyer-Ives
  • Ford 
  • Frey 
  • Grand Rapids Community 
  • Lincoln 
  • Ryerson 
  • Student Advancement 

Founders Fest (see Celebrations & Festivals)


Fox Machine Co./Fox Typewriter Co. (Business Files; also, Industries D-F; also, Fox, William P & B File)

Frank Edge Saw Co. (Business Files)

Franklin Hall Complex (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Fraternal Organizations–General


Frederik Meijer Gardens & Sculpture Park

Freedom Now Party–Michigan (1963) (see Political Parties)

Freedom Train (see Railroads)

French Society of West Michigan

Fresh-Air Schools (Schools:Grand Rapids History: Open-Air)

Frey Foundation (see Foundations)

Frisian Information Bureau (see Ethnic Groups)

Froebel Kindergarten (see Schools)

Fruit Basket Flowerland (Business Files)

Fruit Growers

Fryling Murder (see Murders)

Fulton Street Bridge (see Bridges)

Fulton Street Market (see Farmers’ Markets)

Funeral Homes/Directors

Fur Trade–Michigan

Furniture – American Furniture Hall of Fame

Furniture Capital Building

Furniture Catalogs (various firms/dates)

  • Adden Furniture
  • All-Steel
  • American of Martinsville
  • American Worldwide
  • Art Metal
  • Atelier Int’l
  • Brickel Assoc.
  • General
  • General Interiors Corp.
  • George B. Bent Co.
  • Gravely Furniture
  • Henredon
  • J.L. Metz
  • John Stuart Int’l
  • Karges
  • Kincaid
  • Kittinger
  • Krueger
  • Lane
  • Laverne
  • Ligna
  • McDowell/Craig
  • Mark, Inc.
  • Meadowcraft
  • Meldan Co.
  • Modern Contract Furniture
  • Modernline
  • Myrtle Desk Co.
  • Nichols & Stone
  • Otto Gerdau Co.
  • Philip Bruce, Inc.
  • Philip LaVerne
  • Probber
  • Reiss Corp.
  • Romweber
  • Scroll
  • Schumacher
  • School Interiors
  • Selig
  • Seng
  • Silas Seandel Studio, Inc.
  • Simmons
  • Sjostrom USA
  • Stakmore
  • Standard Chair of Gardner, Inc.
  • Stanley
  • Tell City Chair Co.
  • Thomasville
  • Tropitone
  • Trouvailles
  • Troy Furniture
  • Versailles, Inc.
  • Virginia Metal Products
  • Wels Industries, Inc.
  • White of Mebane
  • Whitecraft
  • Woodard

Furniture–Collectors & collecting

Furniture–Craftsman Style

Furniture Designers

Furniture Designers–Grand Rapids

Furniture–Exhibitors Building

Furniture–GR–Centennial Festival


Furniture Industry–Michigan

Furniture Industry–Advertisements

Furniture Industry–Furniture Industry during WW II

Furniture Industry–General

Furniture Industry–Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets

Furniture Industry–Individual Companies:

  • American Seating
  • Baker
  • Berkey & Gay
  • Bishop Furniture Co.
  • Calvin Furniture
  • Century Furniture Co.
  • Doezema
  • Foote Reynolds
  • Forslund
  • Grand Rapids Bookcase & Chair (Hastings)
  • Grand Rapids Chair
  • Grand Rapids Furniture
  • Grand Rapids Showcase Co.
  • Grand Rapids Store Equipment
  • Gunn
  • Haney School
  • Hekman
  • Herman Miller
  • Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets
  • Howard Miller Inc.
  • Ideal Seating
  • Imperial Bergsma
  • Irwin Seating Co.
  • Jamestown (NY)Furniture
  • John Widdicomb
  • Johnson
  • Karpen, S & Bros.
  • Kindel
  • Limbert
  • Luce
  • Macey
  • Michigan Chair
  • Nelson-Matter
  • Paalman
  • Phoenix
  • Pritchett Powers
  • Robert W. Irwin Furniture
  • Royal Chair (Sturgis, MI)
  • Shaw
  • Sligh
  • Smith & Hawkin
  • St. John’s Table Co.
  • Steel Furniture Co.
  • Steelcase
  • Stickley Bros.
  • Stow Davis
  • Thomas Moser
  • Wernicke Furniture Co.
  • Widdicomb
  • Young & Chaffee Co.
  • Ypsilanti Reed Furniture

Furniture Library

Furniture Manufacturers Association–GR (see also Coll. 84)

Furniture Manufacturing & Environmental Issues

Furniture Market–Grand Rapids

Furniture–Motion Picture Industry

Furniture Museum–Grand Rapids (see Museums)


Furniture–“Sanitary” Desks

Furniture Strike 1911–Grand Rapids

Furniture Trademarks

Furniture–“True Grand Rapids Cabinet Maker”

Furniture–White House


Futurliner (see Parade of Progress)


G.J. Johnson Cigar Co. (Business Files)

GM Stamping Plant–Wyoming

Gambling Gangs

Garbage Disposal–Grand Rapids

Gardens & Landscapes

Garfield Park (see Parks, Grand Rapids)

Garfield Park Neighborhood (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations; see also Architectural Files)

Garfield Park Neighborhood Assoc. (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

The Geek Group( Business Files)

Geology–Grand Rapids


Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Gerald R. Ford Job Corps Center

Gerald R. Ford Museum & Library (see Museums)

Gerber Products (Business Files)

German-English Schoolhouse (see Schools)

Germans in GR/Michigan (see Ethnic Groups)

Gezon Motors (Business Files)


Ghost Towns–Michigan

Giant Awards (see Awards)

Gilda’s Club

Gill Industries (Business Files)

Gilson Graphics (Business Files)

Girl Scouts

Glass Industry – Grand Rapids

Glider Production in Grand Rapids

Globe Knitting Co. (Business Files, Industries D-G)

God’s Kitchen

Gold Star Mothers

Golf (see Sports)

Good News Community

Gordon Food Service GFS (see Business)

Government–Grand Rapids

    • General
    • City Firearms Ordinance
    • Committee of 100
    • Community Development Committee
    • Firearms Ordinance
    • City Charter
    • City Commission
    • City Employees
    • City Employee Residency Reqs
    • City Manager
    • City Officials
    • City Planning
    • Civil Service Board
    • Community Development
    • Community Relations Commission
    • Fire Department
    • Mobile GR
    • Municipal Employees Retirement Plan
    • Police Department
      • Through 1980’s
      • 1990’s-current
      • Deaths on Duty
      • Police Chief
  • Recreation Department & Board
  • Smoke Inspector
  • Target Area Council Leadership Conference
  • Traffic Engineer
  • Water & Light Department

Government–Kent Co.

  • Board of Supervisors
  • Council for Historic Preservation
  • Council for Veterans’ Affairs
  • Dept. of Public Works
  • Dispatch Authority
  • Farmland Preservation
  • Road Commission


  • General
  • Administration
  • Aeronautics
  • Agriculture
  • Attorney General
  • Civil Service
  • Commerce
  • Congressional Delegates
  • Conservation
  • Corrections
  • DNR (Dept. Natural Resources)
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Health
  • Highway(s)
  • Labor
  • Law Enforcement
  • Mental Health
  • MSHDA 
  • Municipal Service Authority
  • Public Instruction
  • Social Welfare
  • State


Governors Task Force on Expenditure Management

GR Forward

GR Music Fest (see Celebrations & Festivals)

Graceland Mausoleum (see Buildings)

Graham, Billy, in Grand Rapids (see Grand Rapids, Famous People)

Grand Action

Grand Army of the Republic Grand Center (see also: Buildings–Civic Auditorium)

Grand City Show Skiers (see Sports Teams)

Grand Design Grand Haven, Michigan

Grand Jazz Fest (see Celebrations & Festivals)

Grand Rapids–150 Landmarks

Grand Rapids Advertising

Grand Rapids–All-America City

Grand Rapids Americanization Council

Grand Rapids Area Center of Ecumenism

Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce

Grand Rapids Area Council of Churches

Grand Rapids Area Council for Humanities

Grand Rapids Area Transit Authority (see Rapid, The)

Grand Rapids Art Glass Co. (Business Files)

Grand Rapids Art Museum (see Museums)

Grand Rapids Associations (General)

Grand Rapids Audubon Club

Grand Rapids Automotive Supply Corp. (Business Files)

Grand Rapids Ballet Company

Grand Rapids Baptist College & Seminary (see Colleges & Universities, Cornerstone Uni.)

Grand Rapids Bar Association

Grand Rapids Better Gov’t League

Grand Rapids Board of Education

Grand Rapids Board of Trade

Grand Rapids Boards and Commissions (General)

Grand Rapids Boat & Canoe Club

Grand Rapids Bottling Co. (Business Files)

Grand Rapids Braggin’ Rights

Grand Rapids Brass Co.(Business Files; also Tower, Daniel P&B file)

Grand Rapids Calendar of Events

Grand Rapids Camera Club

Grand Rapids Catholic Diocese

Grand Rapids Cemeteries (see Cemeteries, Grand Rapids)

Grand Rapids Chicks (see Sports Teams)

Grand Rapids Children’s Museum (see Museums)

Grand Rapids City Budget

Grand Rapids City Charter (see Gov’t–GR)

Grand Rapids City Employees (see Gov’t–GR)

Grand Rapids City Employees–Residency Requirements (see Gov’t–GR)

Grand Rapids City Government (see Gov’t–GR)

Grand Rapids City Hall (see Buildings; see also: Architectural Files; see also: and Myers, Elijah P&B file)

Grand Rapids City Income Tax (see Taxes, Income Tax)

Grand Rapids City Manager (see Gov’t–GR)

Grand Rapids City Planning (see Gov’t–GR)

Grand Rapids Civic Theater (see Theaters)

Grand Rapids Civil Service Board

Grand Rapids Clearing House

Grand Rapids Commercial Photo Co. (Business Files)

Grand Rapids Community Council

Grand Rapids Community Development (see Gov’t–GR)

Grand Rapids Community Foundation (see Foundations)

Grand Rapids Community Relations Board

Grand Rapids Council of Parents and Teachers

Grand Rapids Council on World Affairs

Grand Rapids Credit Men’s Association

Grand Rapids Cycle Co. (Business Files)

Grand Rapids Cyclones (see Sports Teams)

Grand Rapids–Description

Grand Rapids District Nurses

Grand Rapids–Downtown

Grand Rapids–Downtown Council

Grand Rapids Electric Light & Power Co. (Business Files)

Grand Rapids Environmental Services Dept.

Grand Rapids Fibre Cord Co. (Business Files)

Grand Rapids Film Festival (see Celeb/Fest)

Grand Rapids Filtration Plant (see also: Buildings — Monroe Avenue Filtration Plant)

Grand Rapids Fire Department (see Gov’t–GR)

GR Flag, Flower, Motto

Grand Rapids–General

Grand Rapids Griffins (see Sports Teams)

Grand Rapids Guard

Grand Rapids Hand Screw Co. (Business Files)

Grand Rapids Herald (see Newspapers)

Grand Rapids Historical Commission

Grand Rapids Historical Society

Grand Rapids History (see also: Year in Review: Grand Rapids Timelines)

  • General Overview
  • 1838-1859
  • 1860-1899
  • 1900-1949
  • 1950 …
  • Business History
  • Sesquicentennial (1988)
  • Ward development

Grand Rapids Home for Veterans (see also: Bajema clipping notebook “Soldiers’ Home”)

Grand Rapids Human Relations Commission

Grand Rapids Industries (Business Files, Industries)

Grand Rapids (Junior) Community College (see Colleges & Universities)

Grand Rapids/Kent County Convention Arena Authority

Grand Rapids/Kent County Convention & Visitors Bureau (see Experience Grand Rapids)

Grand Rapids Label Company (Business Files; see also: Muir, James D. P&B file)

Grand Rapids Maps–Historical

Grand Rapids Metrology (see Business Files)

Grand Rapids Metropolitan Area Study

Grand Rapids Morals Efficiency Commission

Grand Rapids Motor Truck Co.(Business Files)

Grand Rapids Municipal Employees Retirement Plan (see Gov’t–GR)

Grand Rapids Musical Company (Business Files)

Grand Rapids Mutual Building & Loan Association

Grand Rapids National Bank Building (see Buildings, McKay Tower)

Grand Rapids Neighborhood Alliance (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Grand Rapids New City Committee Grand Rapids Newcomers Information Kit

Grand Rapids Office of Equity and Engagement

Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW)

Grand Rapids Oral School for the Deaf (see Schools)

Grand Rapids Original Swing Society

Grand Rapids Piano Case Co. (see Ducey, Michael P&B file)

Grand Rapids Piggery Grand Rapids Police Department (see Gov’t–GR)

Grand Rapids Police Department–Deaths ion Duty (see Gov’t–GR)

Grand Rapids Police Reserves

Grand Rapids Portable House Company (Business Files)

Grand Rapids Power Squadron (see Boats & Boating)

Grand Rapids Press (see Newspapers, Grand Rapids)

Grand Rapids Printing Co. (Business Files)

Grand Rapids Public Library (see Libraries)

Grand Rapids Public Library – Renovation (see Libraries)

Grand Rapids Public Museum (see Museums, Public Museum of Grand Rapids)

Grand Rapids Quiz Grand Rapids Rampage (see Sports Teams)

Grand Rapids Recreation Dept. & Board (see Gov’t–GR)

Grand Rapids Refrigerator Co. (Business Files–Kelvinator Corp.)

Grand Rapids Round Table

Grand Rapids Safety Council Grand Rapids School of Bible & Music (see Colleges & Universities; also Cornerstone Uni.)

Grand Rapids School of Designing (see Colleges & Universities)

Grand Rapids Sesquicentennial-1988 (see Grand Rapids History)

Grand Rapids Sewage Treatment Plant

Grand Rapids Sidewalks

Grand Rapids Smoke Inspector (see Gov’t–GR)

Grand Rapids Sports Hall of Fame

Grand Rapids Statistics

Grand Rapids Street Lights

Grand Rapids Street Names and Numbering

Grand Rapids Streetcar Photos available in archives

Grand Rapids Streetcars & Interurban Railway

Grand Rapids Streets

  • General
  • 28th Street
  • Bridge Street
  • East Beltline
  • South Beltline
  • Franklin Street
  • Monroe Street (includes Monroe Center)
  • State Street

Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra

Grand Rapids Time Capsule

Grand Rapids Timeline

Grand Rapids Times (see Newspapers)

Grand Rapids Traffic Engineer (see Gov’t–GR)

Grand Rapids Trivia & Games

Grand Rapids Urban Renewal–Downtown

Grand Rapids Varnish Co. (Business Files)

Grand Rapids Veterinary College (at Grand Rapids Medical College; see Colleges& Universities)

Grand Rapids Water & Light Department (see Gov’t–GR)

Grand Rapids Wholesale Market

Grand Rapids Women’s Study Club

Grand Rapids Youth Commonwealth

Grand Rapids Youth Ministry, Inc.

Grand Rapids/Kent County Convention & Visitors’ Bureau (formerly

Grand River

Grand River Alliance

Grand River Basin

Grand River Clean-up

Grand River Club

Grand River–History

Grand River Log Jam (1883)

Grand River 1990

Grand River 2010 Expedition

Grand River: Rapids

Grand River Showcase 150

Grand River Watershed Council

Grand Traverse Bay Region

Grand Valley American Indian Lodge

Grand Valley State University (see Colleges & Universities)

Grandville, Michigan

Grandville Ave. Business Men’s Assoc.

Graphic Design

Great Books Discussion Group

Great Depression

Great Lakes

  • Asian Carp
  • Car Ferries
  • Description
  • General
  • Historical Commission
  • Lake Levels
  • Lake Michigan
  • Naval History
  • Pipeline
  • Research Studies
  • Shipping
  • Ships
  • Shipwrecks
    • General
    • Edmund Fitzgerald (see Societies & Leagues)

Great Lakes Maritime Academy (see Colleges & Universities)

Great Start Kent County

Great Grand Rapids Issues Forums

Greater Grand Rapids-Ottawa Authority

Greater Grand Rapids Women’s History Council

Greeks in Grand Rapids (see Ethnic Groups)

Green Party (see Political Parties)

Greenfield Village (see Museums)

Greenville, Michigan

Groskopf Brothers (see Groskopf, Ada P&B file)

GRow 1000

Guardian Angels

Guardsman Chemicals (Business Files)

Guiding Light Mission

Guidotti Hat Shop (Business Files)

Gun Control–GR & Kent County

(W.S.)Gunn & Sons Hardware (see Gunn, William S. P&B file)

Gypsum Mining


Habitat for Humanity–Kent County

Halley’s Comet 1911


  • Grand Rapids
  • Education of, in Michigan

Haney School Furniture Co. (see Haney, Elijah P&B file; see also: Furniture Files, Haney School Furniture)

Hanukkah (see Holidays)


Harley Hotel (see Hotels)

Harris Sample Furniture Co. (see Harris, L.C. P&B file)

Harrison Wagon Works (Business Files)

Hauenstein Center

Haven of Rest

Haviland (Business Files)

Haworth (see Furniture Files)

Hazeltine & Perkins Drug Co. (see Hazeltine, Dr. Charles P&B file)

Headlee Amendment (see Laws)


Health Fair–Grand Rapids

Health Services–Kent County (see also: Gov’t–Kent Co. Health Dept.)

Heartside Ministries

Heartside Neighborhood(see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Hefner’s Art Store (Business Files)

Hekman Biscuit Co. (Business Files; see also: Hekman Family P&B file)

Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital (see Hospitals)

Helm Scenes

Helmet Law (MI) (see Laws)

Heritage Hill–tours, houses, association

Heritage Hill Target Area (moved to Coll. 254)

Herkimer Hotel (see Hotels)

Herkner Jewelry Store (Herkner, J.C. P&B file)

Hermitage Hotel (see Hotels)

Herald Square Hotel (see Hotels)

Herpolsheimers (Business Files)

Heyman Company (Business Files)

Hibernian Hall (see Ethnic Groups, and Ethnic Groups–Irish)

(The) Highlands

Highways& Roads–Michigan

(L.S.)Hill Co.(Business Files)

(The) Hillmount (see Buildings)

Hirth-Krause Company (Business Files)

Hispanic-Americans (see Ethnic Groups)

Historic Districts–Grand Rapids

Historic Houses–Grand Rapids

  • The Castle
  • Meyer May House
  • Sweet House
  • Voight House

Historic Houses–Michigan

Historic Landmarks

  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan

Historic Preservation–Grand Rapids

Historical Markers–Michigan

Historical Societies

Historical Society of Michigan Newsletter (see also: History Periodicals)


Hockey (see Sports)

Hoekstra Ice Cream (Business files)


  • General
  • Christmas
  • Fourth of July
  • Hanukkah
  • New Year’s Day/Eve
  • Thanksgiving

Holland, Michigan

Holland Home for the Aged

Home Builders Assoc. of Greater Grand Rapids

Home Building Association of Grand Rapids

Home Research Foundation, Inc. (Homestyle Center–Grand Rapids)

Home Rule for Counties–Michigan


Homestyle Center–Grand Rapids


Hoosier Kitchen Cabinets(Furniture Files)

Hope College (see Colleges & Universities)

Hope Rehabilitation Network

Horse Racing–Michigan

Horses/Horse Racing

  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan



  • Blodgett Hospital
  • Butterworth Hospital
  • Clinica Santa Maria
  • Daniels’ Neuropathic Institute
  • Ferguson Hospital
  • General
  • Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital
  • Kent Oaks Hospital
  • Lemmen-Holton Cancer Pavilion
  • Maple Grove Medical Facility
  • Mary Free Bed
  • Meijer Heart Center
  • Metro Health 
  • Michigan
  • Pine Rest Christian Home
  • St. Mark’s Hospital
  • St. Mary’s Hospital
  • Sunshine Hospital
  • University Hospital, Ann Arbor


  • General
  • University Hospital (Ann Arbor)


  • General
  • Amway Grand Plaza
  • Hotels: B-D
  • Bridge Street House
  • Charlevoix Hotel
  • Clarendon Hotel
  • Cody Hotel
  • Derby Hotel
  • Eagle Hotel
  • Hotels: H-I
  • Hotels: Historic (Michigan)
  • J.W. Marriott
  • Hotels: K-W
  • Livingston Hotel
  • Mertens Hotel
  • Morton House
  • Pantlind Hotel
  • Rowe Hotel
  • Sweet’s Hotel


House of David (see Religious Movements)

House of Judah

House Plans (see Architectural Files)

Houseman Building (see Buildings)

Houseman’s Clothing Company (see Houseman, Julius P&B file)


  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan


Human Trafficking

Humane Society of West Michigan

Hunting and Game Animals–Michigan

Hunting: Wolf Hunting


Ideal Clothing Co. (Business Files)

Idlewild, Michigan

Immigration – Michigan

Immigration – West Michigan

Imperial Hotel (see Hotels)

In the Image

Income–Grand Rapids

Income Tax–Grand Rapids (see Taxes)

Indian Mounds–Kent County & Michigan

Indians (see Native Americans)

Indian Trails Camp

Industrial Design

Industries–Grand Rapids, general & historical (Business Files)


Infant Mortality

Influenza Epidemic, 1918-1919

Inheritance & Succession Laws–Michigan (see Laws)

Inner City Christian Federation (ICCF)

InnovaLaB (formerly Kent County Land Bank)

Insects & Pests–Michigan

Institute of Labor & Industrial Relations–Michigan


Insurance Industry–Grand Rapids

Interlochen Arts Academy (see Schools, Michigan)

Internal Improvement

International Bridge–Sault Ste. Marie (see Bridges, Michigan)


Interstate Motor Freight System (Business Files)

Interurban Railroad & Street Cars (see also: Grand Rapids Streetcars & Interurban Railway)

Inventors & Inventions–GR

Ionia & Ionia County

Irish–Grand Rapids (see Ethnic Groups)

Irwin Seating (Furniture Files)

Iron Cottage Co. (Business Files)

Isabella Home


Isle Royale (see Islands–MI)


  • Beaver Island
  • Isle Royale
  • Mackinac Straits/Island

Italian-Americans in Grand Rapids (see Ethnic Groups)

Izaac Walton League


Jackson Hall/Polish National Hall

Jacobson Heating & Cooling (Business Files)

Jarecki Corp.(Business Files)

Jaycees (also see Coll. 195)

Jedco Inc. (Business Files)

Jennings Flavoring Extract Co. (see Jennings, Charles W. P&B file)

Jesuits (see Religious Orders)

Jews in Michigan (see Ethnic Groups)

John Ball Community Association (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

John Ball Park (see Parks–Kent County)

John Ball Zoo

John Birch Society

Jordan College (see Colleges & Universities)

Junior Achievement–Grand Rapids

Juvenile Delinquency

JW Marriott Hotel (see Hotels)


Keeler Brass Co. (Business Files)

Kellogg Company (Business Files)

Kellogg Foundation (see Foundations)

Kelloggsville (see Kellogg, Francis W. P&B file)

Kelsey’s Law (see Laws)

Kelvinator Corporation (Business Files)

Kendall Building (see Buildings)

Kendall School of Design (see Colleges & Universities)

Kent City, MI

Kent County International Airport (see Gerald R. Ford International Airport)

Kent County Animal Shelter

Kent County Association for Retarded Citizens

Kent County Bar Association

Kent County Board of Commissioners

Kent County Child Haven

Kent County Civil Defense

Kent County Clerk

Kent County Community Action

Kent County Council for Historic Preservation (see Gov’t–Kent Co.)

Kent County Council of Veterans’ Affairs (see Gov’t–Kent Co.)

Kent County Courthouse (see Gov’t–Kent Co.)

Kent County Department of Social Services

Kent County Dept. of Public Works (see Gov’t–Kent Co.)

Kent County Dispatch Authority

Kent County Fair (see West Michigan Fair)

Kent County Government – General

Kent County Ground Observers’ Corps

Kent County Health Department

Kent County History

Kent County Jail

Kent County Jury Commission

Kent County Juvenile Court

Kent County Land Bank Authority (see InnovaLaB)

Kent County Library (see Libraries)

Kent County Literacy Council 

Kent County Medical Examiner

Kent County Medical Society

Kent County Mental Health Clinic

Kent County Mortality 1850,1860

Kent County Muscular Dystrophy Association

Kent County Poor Farm (see Hospitals–Maple Grove Medical Facility)

Kent County Recreation Council

Kent County Road Commission (see Gov’t–Kent Co.)

Kent County Science Fair

Kent County Sheriff’s Dept. 

Kent County Soil Conservation Districts

Kent County Towns, Villages-Misc.

Kent County Veteran’s Services

Kent County Welfare Department

Kent County Work Farms

Kent County Youth Fair

Kent Garden Club

Kent Harvest Trails

Kent Oaks Hospital (see Hospitals)

Kent Philatelic Society

Kent Quality Foods, Inc. (Business Files)

Kent Scientific Museum (see Museums, Public Museum of Grand Rapids)

Kentfields Rehabilitation Program (see Kent County Juvenile Court/Home)

Kentwood, Michigan

Kid’s Food Basket

Kingsley Building (see Buildings)

Kingma’s Market (Business Files)

Kit Homes (see Architecture, Kit Homes)

Klingman Building (see Buildings)

Knape & Vogt (Business Files)

Knights of Columbus

Knights of Pythias

Koeze Nut Co. (Business Files)

Korean War (see Wars)

Kregel Bookstore(Business Files)

Kresge Drum Corps (see Music)

Kruizenga Art Museum (see Museums)

Ku Klux Klan

Kutsche Office of Local History


LGBT in Grand Rapids


Labor Heritage Society of West Michigan

Labor Fest (see Celebrations & Festivals)

Labor Laws–Michigan (see Laws)

Labor Unions–Michigan (see Unions)

Lacks Enterprises (Business Files)

Ladies’ Literary Club (see also: Archival Colls. #20, 32, & 275)

LaFontsee Galleries (Business Files)

Lake Michigan Maritime Museum (see Museums)

Lake Michigan Pipeline

Lake Michigan Water Trail (see Trails)

Lakes and Streams–Michigan

Lamont, Michigan

Land Trust–Michigan

Land Use/Preservation–Kent Co.


Landmarks–Grand Rapids (see Historic Landmarks)

Latin Americans/Hispanic Americans (see Ethnic Groups)

Latvian-Americans in Grand Rapids (see Ethnic Groups)

LaughFest (see Celebrations/Festivals)

Law Day–May 1st

Law Enforcement–Federal District of West Michigan

Law, Weathers & Richardson (see Champlin, John W. P&B files)


  • General
  • Affirmative Action
  • Alcohol
  • Beverage Container Deposit Law
  • Blue Laws (Sunday closings)
  • Blue Sky Law
  • Headlee Amendment
  • Helmet Law (MI)
  • Inheritance & Succession Law–MI
  • Kelsey’s Law (cell phone law)
  • Labor Law–MI
  • Liberty Amendment
  • Manpower Training Act
  • Michigan Laws
  • National Defense Education Act
  • Retail Crimee
  • Right-to-Work
  • Same-Sex Marriage
  • Seat Belt Law
  • Traffic Law Enforcement

Lawyers/Law Firms–Grand Rapids


Lead Poisoning

Leadership Grand Rapids

League of Women Voters (see Political Movements)

Lean Concepts (Business Files)

Lear-Siegler Inc. (Business Files)

Legal Aid of Western Michigan

Legal History–Grand Rapids

Leitelt Ironworks (Business Files)

Leonard Refrigerator Co.(Business Files, Kelvinator Corp.)

Leonard Street Bridge (see Bridges)

Lewellyn Bean Co. (Business Files)

Liberty Amendment


  • General
  • Clarke Historical
  • Clement
  • Detroit Public
  • Grand Rapids Public
  • Kent County
  • Library of Michigan
  • University of Michigan



Lincoln Foundation (see Foundations)

Lincoln Lake, Michigan

Lincoln Lake Baptist Youth Camp (Spencer Twp)

Liquor Business–Michigan

Lisbon, MI


Literacy Center of West Michigan

Litscher Electric Co. (Business Files)


Little Hoover Commission 1951

Little Sisters of the Poor

Livestock Industry–Michigan

Livingston Hotel (see Hotels; see also: Architectural Files, Division Street, South)

Lobbying and Lobbyists–Michigan

Local First

Logging Railroads (see Railroads)

Long-Distance Running (see Sports)

Loretto Home

Lost Boys of Sudan

Lowell, Michigan


Lumichron (see Business Files)

Lustron Homes (see Architecture–Lustron Homes)

Luxury Homes


McInerney Spring & Wire (see McInerney, James L. P&B file)

McKay Tower (see Buildings)

McLachlan Business School (see Colleges & Universities)


Mackinac Bridge (see Bridges, Michigan)

Mackinac Straits/Island (see Islands, Michigan)

Madison Square (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Majestic Theater (see Theaters)

Manpower Training Act (see Laws)

Manufacturer’s Building (Kendall) (see Buildings)

Maple Grove Medical Facility (see Hospitals)


Marlborough, Michigan

Martha’s Vineyard/Nantucket Bakery (Business Files)

Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (see Celebrations & Festivals)

Mary Free Bed (see Hospitals)

Mary Free Bed Guild–Grand Rapids

Mary’s City of David–Benton Harbor (see Religious Movements)

Masonic Home


Mayors–Grand Rapids

Medal of Honor–Grand Rapids area (see Awards)

Medical Care


Meijer State Games

Meijer Stores & Thrifty Acres (Business Files)

Mel Trotter Rescue Mission (also see Trotter, Mel Port&Bio file)

Mental Health/Institutions – Kent Co.

Mental Health/Institutions – MI

Mentha, Michigan

Mertens Hotel (see Hotels)


Methodist Community House

Metro Health Hospital & Village (see Hospitals).

Metropolitan Hospital [Metro Health Hospital Village] (see Hospitals)

Metz Building (see Buildings)

Meyer May House (see Buildings)

Michigan Arbor Day

Michigan Archaeological Society

Michigan Archaeological Society Coffinberry Chapter

Michigan Archival Association

Michigan Area Data Sheets

Michigan Bell Telephone (Business Files)

Michigan Board of Nursing

Michigan–City Historical Information

Michigan Civil Rights Commission

Michigan Civil Service Commission

Michigan Commission on Interstate Cooperation

Michigan Consolidated Gas Co. (Business Files)

Michigan Constitution

Michigan Council of Governments

Michigan Council for the Arts

Michigan Council for the Humanities

Michigan Council for UNESCO

Michigan–County Histories

Michigan Credit Union League

Michigan Crippled Children Commission

Michigan Departments (State of)

  • Administration
  • Aeronautics
  • Agriculture
  • Civil Service
  • Commerce
  • Conservation
  • Economic Development
  • Education
  • Health
  • Mental Health
  • Public Instruction
  • Social Welfare
  • State


Michigan Education Association

Michigan Employment Bureau

Michigan Employment Security Commission

Michigan Employees Unemployment Compensation Bureau

Michigan Engineering Society

Michigan Epilepsy Center & Association

Michigan Eye Collection Center

Michigan, Famous People in

  • Malcolm X

Michigan Farm Bureau

Michigan “Firsts” (see Michigan Miscellaneous)

Michigan Hearse & Carriage Co. (Business Files)

Michigan Higher Education Assistance Authority

Michigan Historical Collection

Michigan Historical Commission

Michigan History

  • General
  • Civil War
  • Michigan Sesquicentennial Events
  • Pioneer Era
  • Political
  • Short

Michigan Hospital Survey & Construction Office

Michigan Independent Telephone Association


Michigan Laws (see Laws)


Michigan Library Association

Michigan Manufacturers’ Association

Michigan Maps–Historical

Michigan Military

Michigan Military District


Michigan Municipal League

Michigan National Bank (see Banks)

Michigan National Guard

Michigan Nature Association

Michigan Office Solutions (MOS) (see Business Files)

Michigan Oil Leasor’s Association

Michigan Public Safety Frequency Allocation Commission (see Boards & Commissions)

Michigan Reformatory–Ionia (see Prisons)

Michigan Rehabilitation Institute–Pine Lake, Plainwell

Michigan Retired School Employees

Michigan Scale Manufacturers

Michigan Sesquicentennial Events (see Michigan History)

Michigan Sheriffs’ Association

Michigan Soldiers’ Home (see Grand Rapids Home for Veterans)

Michigan State Archives

Michigan State Board of Education

Michigan State Board of Mortuary Science

Michigan State Capitol

Michigan State Chamber of Commerce

Michigan State Department of Corrections (see Gov’t–MI)

Michigan State Employee Association

Michigan State Fair

Michigan State Federation of Arts

Michigan State Grange

Michigan State Highway Department (see Gov’t–MI)

Michigan State Horticulture Society

Michigan State Housing Development Authority [MSHDA] (see Gov’t–MI)

Michigan, State Library (see Libraries)

Michigan State Medical Society

Michigan State Nurses Association

Michigan State Pharmaceutical Association

Michigan State Police

Michigan State Records Center

Michigan State Safety Commission

Michigan State Sunday School Assoc.

Michigan State Teachers Association

Michigan State University (see Colleges & Universities)

MSU College of Human Medicine (see Colleges & Universities)

MSU Institute for Community Development (see Colleges & Universities)

Michigan State University-Oakland (see Colleges & Universities)

Michigan Street Business Area (Business Files)

Michigan Township Association

Michigan Tradesman (periodical)

Michigan Travel

Michigan Trust Company–Grand Rapids (Business Files)

Michigan United Conservation Clubs

Michigan Veterans Facility (see Grand Rapids Home for Veterans)

Michigan Water Resources Commission

Michigan Week

Michigan Welfare League

Michigan Women’s Historical Center & Hall of Fame

Michigan Youth Commission

Michillinda (see Resorts)

Midtown Neighborhood (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Mieras Family Shoes (Business Files)

Migrant Labor–Michigan

Military–Grand Rapids

Millennium Celebration (2000) (see Celebrations & Festivals)

Millennium Commission

Millennium Park (see Parks–Kent County)

Millennium Park area–Economic History


Mills & Milling

Mindscape (Business Files)


Mines & Mining

Minority-owned businesses


Missaukee County, Michigan

Missions and Missionaries

Model Cities–Grand Rapids

Molesta Floral (Business Files)

Monarch Road Machinery Company (Business Files; see also: Jackoboice, George P&B file)

Monroe Avenue Filtration Plant (see Buildings)

Monroe Mall (see Grand Rapids Streets: Monroe Street)

Montcalm County, MI

Monuments and Memorials-Grand Rapids/Kent County

Monuments and Memorials-Michigan

Moral Re-Armament

Morals Efficiency Commission-Grand Rapids

Morman, S.A. & Co. Inc. (see Morman Family P&B file)

Mormons in Michigan (see Religious Groups)

Morton House (see Hotels)

Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD)

Motmans Greenhouses (Business Files)

Motor Vehicles–Michigan

Mount Mercy Academy (see Schools, Catholic High Schools)

Mrs. Ryan’s Knitted Toys (Business Files)

Mt. Vernon Society (Detroit)

Mulick Floral Shop (Business Files)

Multiple Sclerosis Society (MI)

Municipal Fair–Grand Rapids

Municipal Finance Commission

Municipal Income Tax–Michigan

Municipal Ownership–Grand Rapids

Municipal Service Authority (see Gov’t–MI)

Murders–Grand Rapids

  • General
  • Alpine Manor Murders
  • Alt/Schoenborn
  • Battaglia Murder
  • Bengert Family
  • Bouwman Murders
  • Chandler Murder
  • Cherry Murder
  • “Craigslist” (Oppenneer,Slocum)Murders
  • Dantzler/Heeren/Emkin Murders
  • Darling, Carol Murder
  • Fryling Murder
  • Heritage Hill Murder
  • Kapuscinski
  • Lonely Hearts Murder
  • Maze Murder
  • McCarthy Murder
  • McLeod Poisoning
  • McMillan Murders
  • Naylor Murder
  • Paulson Family Murder
  • Peck Murder
  • Peppler Murder
  • Rehkopf Murder
  • Sandler Murder
  • Siple Murder
  • Sr. Mary Janina Murder
  • Sutliffe and Cruz
  • Thomson Jewelry Store Murder
  • Timmerman Murder
  • Vander Veen Murder
  • VanGilder Murder
  • Verkerke Murder
  • Ward, “Mike” Murder
  • Washington, Sandra Murder
  • Weber Murder
  • Welsh Murder


  • African American Museum and Archives
  • Baker Museum & Craft Shop
  • Detroit Historical Museum
  • Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA)
  • Fallasburg Pioneer Village
  • Furniture Museum–Grand Rapids
  • Gerald R. Ford Museum & Library
  • Grand Rapids Art Museum
  • Grand Rapids Children’s Museum
  • Greenfield Village
  • Kruizenga Art Museum
  • Lake Michigan Maritime Museum
  • Public Museum of Grand Rapids
  • Tri-River Historical Museum Network
  • UICA
  • Museums in Michigan (general)



  • Bands–GR
  • Composers and Teachers–GR
  • Composers and Teachers–MI
  • Music in Grand Rapids/Kent County
  • Songs–GR
  • Songs–MI

Muskegon, Michigan



Nachtegall Manufacturing Co.(Business Files, Industries M-Q; see also: Nachtegall, Alfred B. P & B Files)


National Archives & Records Administration (NARA)

National Defense Education Act (see Laws)

National Forests in Michigan

National Parks of the Great Lakes

National Projectile Works (arms manufacturers)(Business Files)

Native Americans

  • Art
  • Buffalo Head Nickels
  • Casinos
  • Fishing Rights
  • Kent County
  • Mascots
  • Michigan
  • Potawatomi
  • Reservations*
  • Schools
  • Treaties
  • Trails
  • Tribes

Natural Resources–Michigan



Nature Preserves

  • General
  • Blandford
  • Howard Christensen


  • Alger Heights
  • Arena South District
  • Auburn Hills
  • Baxter Neighborhood
  • Belknap
  • Black Hills
  • Burton Heights
  • Cherry Hills
  • Creston
  • East Hills
  • Eastown
  • Franklin-Hall Complex
  • Fulton Heights 
  • Garfield Park
  • General
  • Heartside
  • Madison Square
  • Michigan Oaks
  • Midtown
  • Northeast Complex
  • Organizations/Associations
  • Ottawa Hills
  • Roosevelt Park/Grandville Association
  • SE End/Boston Square/Oakdale Park
  • Southeast End
  • Southwest Area Neighbors (SWAN)
  • Wealthy Heights
  • West Side

New Era Life Association (Business Files)

Newcomers Guide–Current


Newspapers–Grand Rapids:History

Newspapers–Grand Rapids

  • Grand Rapids Herald
  • Grand Rapids Press
  • Grand Rapids Times
  • History

Newspapers–Kent County


  • MLive Media Group

No-Fault Auto Insurance

Noise Pollution

North Country Trail

North East Complex

North Park Neighborhood (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

North Park Bridge (see Bridges, North Park)

Norton Mounds (see Indian Mounds, GR/Kent County)

Nuclear Power Plants–Michigan

Nursery Business

Nursing (healthcare)


O-Wash-Ta-Nong Club

Oakway Hotel (see Hotels)

Oakwood Manor (see Buildings)

Octagon Houses–Michigan (see Architecture)

Oil & Gas Drilling–Kent County

Oktoberfest (see Celebrations/Festivals)

Old Kent Bank–Grand Rapids (see Banks)

Old Kent River Bank Run

Old Northwest Territory

Old Orchard (Business Files)

Oliver Machinery (Business Files)

One-Man Grand Jury Law

One-Room Schools (Schools, Grand Rapids History)

Open-Air Schools (Schools, Grand Rapids History)

Open Systems Technologies (Business Files)

Opera Grand Rapids

Opera Houses–Grand Rapids

  • Grand Opera House
  • Smith’s Opera House

Order Sons of Italy

Ordinances-Grand Rapids

Organ Donation


Osteopathic Hospital-Grand Rapids (see Hospitals, Metro Health Hospital & Village)

Ottawa County

  • History
  • Recreation
  • Towns & Villages–Misc.

Ottawa Hills–History (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Owen-Ames-Kimball (Business Files)


P & R Homecraft Co. (Business Files, Industries M-Q)

PBB in Michigan

Pacers–Grand Rapids (see Sports Teams)

Palmer Shirt Co. (Business Files)


Panoramic Maps

Pantlind Hotel (see Hotels)

Parade of Homes

Parade of Progress (1953)

Parades–Grand Rapids

Paramount Properties/Blue Bridge (Business Files)

Parking–Grand Rapids

Parks–Grand Rapids

  • General
  • Aberdeen
  • Ah-Nab-Awen
  • Aman
  • Belknap
  • Briggs
  • Burton Woods
  • Camelot
  • Campau
  • Canal Street
  • Cherry
  • Cheseboro
  • Cianci
  • Coit
  • Crescent
  • Fish Ladder
  • Foster
  • Garfield
  • Heartside
  • Highland
  • Hillcrest
  • Huff
  • John Ball Park and Zoo
  • Indian Trails (includes golf course)
  • Ken-O-Sha/ Plaster Creek
  • Kensington
  • Kent County
  • Lincoln
  • Look-Out
  • MLK, Jr. (formerly Franklin Park and 5th Ave. Park)
  • Mackay-Jaycees
  • Midtown Green
  • Millennium Park
  • Monument
  • Mulick
  • National Parks of the Great Lakes
  • Ottawa Hills
  • Park Schools
  • Paul I. Phillips Rec. Center
  • Pleasant
  • Pulaski
  • Richmond
  • Riverside
  • Riverwalks
  • Roberto Clemente (formerly Rumsey)
  • Rosa Parks Circle
  • Roosevelt
  • Sixth Street Bridge
  • State Parks (MI)
  • Stocking
  • Sullivan Field
  • Sundial
  • Veterans’ Memorial
  • Wilcox

Parkside Marketplace (Business Files)

Past Perfect, Inc. (Business Files)

Paws With a Cause

Peace Corps

Peck Building (see Buildings)

Peninsular Club

Pension Tax (see Taxes)

Peoples Department Store (Business Files)

Pere Marquette

Perrigo (Business Files)

Petosky Stones

Petroleum Trade & Industry–Michigan


Pewabic Pottery (Business Files)


Photography–Grand Rapids/Michigan

Physicians in the Early Grand River Valley

Piano Manufacturers (see Business Files)

Picric Acid Plant

Pilgrim Manor

Pine Rest Christian Home (see Hospitals)

Place Names–Kent County

Place Names–Michigan


Plank Roads

Planned Parenthood


Plaster Creek


Poet Laureate of Grand Rapids

Poets & Poetry–Michigan

Point Paulo (see Reeds Lake)

Poison Control Center

Polar Bear Expedition (SEE World War I–GR and World War I–MI)

Polar Brrr Cryo (Business Files)

Polish–Grand Rapids (see Ethnic Groups)

Polish–Michigan (see Ethnic Groups)

Political Movements

  • Citizens Action Movement
  • Common Cause
  • Communism
  • Conservative Federation of MI
  • Progressivism
  • Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)
  • Temperance Movement
  • Young Americans for Freedom

Political Parties

  • Democratic Party–Grand Rapids
  • Democratic Party–Michigan
  • Freedom Now Party–Michigan
  • Green Party
  • Progressive Party
  • Republican Party–Kent County
  • Republican Party–Michigan
  • Tea Party–Michigan


Population–Grand Rapids



Porter, C.O. & A.D. Machinery Co. (see Porter, Clare and Porter, Thomas Earle P&B Files)

Porter Hills

Postcards–Grand Rapids (see also Coll. 078)

Post-War Issues

Poverty (General)

Poverty Programs–Grand Rapids

Powers Theater (see Theaters)

Powers & Walker Casket Co. (Business Files)

Precincts–Grand Rapids/Kent County


Presidential visits to Grand Rapids

Press Newsboys

Preusser Jewelers (Business Files)

Pridgeon & Clay (Business Files)

Printing & Publishing–Grand Rapids & Michigan

Priority Health (Business Files)

Prison camps–Michigan


  • Michigan Reformatory–Ionia

ProCare Systems (Business Files)

Progressive Party (see Political Parties)

Progressivism (see Political Movements)

Prohibition–Grand Rapids


Property Development

Property Tax Reform

Property Values–Kent Co.

Protests & Protestors

Proudfit Loose Leaf Co. (Business Files)

Psychiatric Attendent Nurses Association of Michigan

Public Domain Commission of Michigan

Public Museum of Grand Rapids (see Museums)

Public Utilities–Grand Rapids

Public Utilities–Michigan

Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary (see Colleges & Universities



R.S.V.P (Retired Senior Volunteer Program)

RT London (Furniture Industry)

Rabbit Lounge


Racetracks–Grand Rapids

(H.) Rademaker & Sons (Business Files)

Radio & TV Stations–Grand Rapids

Raft Race


  • General
  • Freedom Train
  • Grand Rapids (see also Interurban Railroad)
  • Individual lines
  • Logging
  • Michigan
  • Stations

Ramona Park (Reeds Lake)


Rapid-Standard, Rapistan- (Business Files)

Rathbun House (see Hotels)

Real Estate–Grand Rapids

Real Estate Association of Michigan


Recreation–Grand Rapids


Recycling & Composting

Red Cross

Reed Brush & Archery Co. (see Business Files, Industries R-T)

Reeds Lake


Reformed Bible Institute–Grand Rapids (see Colleges & Universities)



Religious Groups

  • Amish
  • Buddhism/Buddhists
  • Mormons in Michigan

Religious Movements

  • House of David
  • House of Judah
  • Mary’s City of David

Religious Orders

  • Dominican Sisters
  • Jesuits

Renaissance Zones

Renewable Energy


Republican Party–Kent County (see Political Parties)

Republican Party–Michigan (see Political Parties)

Resettlement Program–Michigan


Restaurant Menus–Grand Rapids (see Coll. 216)

Retail Crime Law (see Laws)


Retirement Communities

(H.M.) Reynolds Shingle Co. (Business Files)

Rhoades McKee (Business Files)

Richard’s Art Store (Business Files)

Riggsville Cemetery (see Cemeteries, Michigan)

Right Place Program

Rindge, Kalmbach, Logie Company (Business Files)


Riots – Grand Rapids 1967

Riots 2020

River Bank Run (see Sports)


Rockford Construction (see Business Files)

Rockford, Michigan

Rogers Department Store

RoMan Manufacturing Inc. (Business Files)

Roosevelt Park/Grandville Avenue Neighborhood (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Roosevelt, Theodore in Grand Rapids (see Grand Rapids, Famous People in)

Rosa Parks Circle (see Parks–Grand Rapids)

Rose Patch and Label Co. (see Rosenthal, Arthur P&B Files)

Rosedale Memorial Park Association (see N’hoods and N’hood Assoc.)

Rowe AC Manufacturing (Business Files)

Rowe Hotel (see Hotels; see also Scrapbook Collection #239, Box 90)

Russo, GB & Sons (Business Files)

Ruster Dairy (Golden Health Dairy Products)(Business Files)

Ryerson Foundation (see Foundations)

Rylee’s Ace Hardware (Business Files)


S-Curve (US-131)

Safe Haven Ministries

Safety Education

SalesPad (Business Files)

St. Adalbert Basilica (see Churches, Catholic)

St. Ann’s (Retirement Care)

St. Cecilia Society

St. Francis Xavier Church (see Churches, Catholic)

St. John’s Home (see D.A. Blodgett-St. John’s)

St. Lawrence Seaway

  • General
  • Dedication
  • History

St. Mary’s Clinic (see Hospitals, Clinica Santa Maria)

St. Mary’s Hospital (see Hospitals)


Sales Tax

Saloons (see Taverns/Saloons)

Salt Industry–Michigan

Salvation Army–Grand Rapids

Sand Dunes

Sand Lake, Michigan

Santa Claus Girls

Saugatuck/Douglas, MI

Scandinavians in GR/MI (see Ethnic Groups)


Schnitzelbank Restaurant (Business Files)


School for the Blind–Michigan (see Schools)

School Holding Power–Michigan Dropouts


    • Alternative
    • Catholic Schools
      • Elementary/Middle Schools
      • General
      • High Schools
  • Charter Schools
    • Elementary/Middle Schools
    • General
    • High Schools
  • Christian Schools
    • Elementary/Middle Schools
    • General
    • High Schools
  • East Grand Rapids
  • Grand Rapids History
    • German-English Schoolhouse
    • Grand Rapids Oral School for the Deaf
    • Kindergarten
    • Miss Moffitt’s School
    • One-Room Schoolhouses
    • Open Air Schools
  • Grand Rapids Public Schools
      • Elementary/Middle Schools
        • Blandford
        • CA Frost
        • Museum School
        • Zoo School

  • Finances/Millages
  • General
  • High Schools
    • Central High
    • City High/Middle
    • Creston High
    • Davis Tech
    • Grand Rapids Vocational School
    • Innovation Central High
    • Ottawa Hills High
    • Park High
    • South High
    • Union High
    • Walden Village High
  • School Board
  • Summer/After School Programming
  • Superintendent
  • Kent County
  • Michigan
    • General
    • Holding Power
    • Interlochen Arts Academy
    • School Safety

Schuil Coffee Co. (Business Files)

Schuler Books (Business Files)

Scrip System–Grand Rapids (see also: “How Grand Rapids Cared for its Jobless”)



  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan

Seal of Michigan

Seat Belt Law (see Laws)

Sempray Jovenay (Business Files, Marietta-Stanley Co.; see also Carr, Mrs. J.C. P&B Files)

Senior Citizens

Senior Neighbors, Inc.

September 11

Sermons–Grand Rapids

Sewage Disposal–Michigan

Sewer and Water System

Shakespeariana Club

Sheldon Complex (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Shopping Centers–Michigan

Shrine of the Pines

Shriners–Grand Rapids

Shriver, Weatherly & Co. (Business Files)

Siegel Jewelers (Business Files)

Silent Observer

Sims Inn (see Hotels)

Sintz Gas Engine Co. (Business Files; also Sintz, Clark P&B Files)

Sister Cities

Sleeping Bear Dunes

Smith’s Drug Store (Business files)

Sobota’s Tavern (Business files)

Soccer (see Sports)

Social Security

Soil Conservation-Michigan

Solar Energy

Soldiers’ Home (see Grand Rapids Home for Veterans)

Songs–Grand Rapids (see Music & Big Bands)

Songs–Michigan (see Music & Big Bands)

Sons of American Revolution

Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Soundex Indexing System

South Beltline (see Grand Rapids Streets)

South East Community Association (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

South Haven, Michigan

South East Community Association (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Southeast End Neighborhood/Boston Square/Oakdale Park (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Southeast Michigan Council of Government (SEMCOG)

Southwest Area Neighbors (SWAN) (see N’hood Assocations)

Spa Bottling Company

Spanish-American War (see Wars)

Sparta, Michigan

Spartan Stores (Business Files)

SpartanNash (formerly Spartan Stores) (Business Files)

Special Olympics

Spectrum Health


Spirit of Solidarity (sculpture)

Spirit of South High


  • Baseball/Softball
  • Baseball–African-American Teams
  • Basketball
  • Bowling
  • Boxing
  • Curling
  • Cycling
  • Detroit Tigers
  • Extreme Sports
  • Football
  • General
  • Golf
  • Grand City Show Skiers
  • Grand Rapids Chicks
  • Grand Rapids Cyclones
  • Grand Rapids Drive
  • Grand Rapids FC
  • Grand Rapids Griffins
  • Grand Rapids Pacers
  • Grand Rapids Raggity Roller Derby
  • Grand Rapids Rampage
  • Hockey
  • Long-Distance Running 
  • Meijer LPGA Classic
  • River Bank Run
  • Soccer
  • Sullivan Shamrocks
  • Swimming
  • Tennis
  • Track and Field
  • Volleyball
  • West Michigan Whitecaps
  • Winter Sports

Spouse Abuse

Spring Funeral Home (see Spring, B.A. P&B Files; also Coll. #55)

Spring Lake, Michigan

Stadium Arena


Stained glass

Standale, Michigan

Standard Companies Inc. (Standard Lumber & Supply, Standard Kitchens) (Business Files)

Star Truck Rentals (Business Files)

Start Garden

State Games of America 2017

Steamboats–Grand River

Steamships–Georgian Bay Liner

Steed’s Drugs (Business Files)

Stegman Creek Bridge (Bridges)

Steketee’s Department Store (Business Files)

Stocking Area Target Council (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Stone Hills (Architectural Files: Bridge Sreet)

Stores–Grand Rapids

Streetcars (see Grand Rapids Streetcars & Interurban Railways)

Streets (see Grand Rapids Streets)


  • General
  • City Strike–1980

Student Advancement Foundation (see Foundations)

Students for a Democratic Society (see Political Movements)

STUFT Cookie Co. (Business Files)

Suburban Growth

Summer Resorts

Sunday School Association

Sunshine Hospital (see Hospitals)

Supermarkets–Grand Rapids




Sweetland Candies (Business Files)

Sweet’s Battery Service

Sweet’s Hotel (see Hotels)

Swimming (see Sports–GR)

Switch (Business Files)



  • Ahavas Israel
  • Temple Emmanuel


Takens, LuAnn (see Inventors & Inventions–GR)

Talsma Furniture Co. ( Business Files)

Tanglefoot Co. (Thum)- (Business Files; also Thum, Ferdinand; Hugo; Otto; & William P&B Files)

Target Area Council Leadership Conference (see Gov’t–GR)

Taverns/Saloons (see Bars)


  • Grand Rapids
  • Kent County
  • Michigan–History


  • Affecting Agriculture
  • Business
  • Equalization Statistics
  • Income
  • Inheritance
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Nuisance
  • Pension
  • Property
  • Proposal
  • Schools

Taxicabs–Grand Rapids

Tea Party–MI (see Political Parties)


  • Certification
  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan


TEDx Grand Rapids

Telephone Companies–Michigan

Telephones–Grand Rapids

Television–Grand Rapids/West Michigan

Telfer Spice Company (Business Files)

Temperance Movement

Tennis (see Sports)

Terryberry Co. (Business Files)


Theaters–Grand Rapids

  • 4-Star Theater
  • Actors’Theatre
  • Circle Theater
  • Civic Theater
  • Jewish Theater
  • Keith’s Theater
  • Our Theater
  • Powers Theater
  • Regent Theatre
  • Wealthy Theater


Theatre Arts Centre (see Hanchett, Gerald J. P&B File)

Thomas Dairy (Business Files)

Threshold Choir

Thwaites X-Ray Co. (Business Files)


Time Capsule (see Grand Rapids Time Capsule)

Tisch-Hine Corp. (Business Files)

Togan-Stiles Co. (Business Files)

Tokens and Medallions

Toledo Strip

Tornadoes (see Weather)

Tourist Business–Michigan

Tourist Camps (local)

Tours–Grand Rapids: Historical

Townships–Kent County

  • Gaines
  • Georgetown


Track and Field (see Sports)

Traffic Law Enforcement (see Laws)


  • General
  • Bicycle Trails
  • Canoe Trails
  • Lake Michigan Water Trail
  • North Country Trail
  • Riding and Hiking Trails


  • Michigan
  • West Michigan

Travelers’ Aid Society


Tree Farming


  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan

True Grand Rapids Cabinet Making Certified (Furniture Files)


Tulip Festival — Holland (see Celeb/Fest)

Turn-of-the-Century Celebrations (1899-1901)(see Celebrations/Festivals)


UAW-CIO–Michigan (see Unions)


Underground Railroad–Michigan

Underground Tunnels

Unidentified Flying Objects–Grand Rapids

Union Bank and Trust Co. (Business Files)

Union Depot (see Buildings)


  • general
  • ACLU West Michigan
  • Christian Labor Association
  • Labor Unions–MI
  • UAW–Kent County

UAW–Kent County (see Unions)

UAW-CIO–MI (see Unions)

United Auto Workers–Kent County (see Unions)

United Community Service

United Motors Co. (Business Files)

United Spanish-American War Veterans–Michigan (see Veterans)

U.S. Customs–Grand Rapids

U.S. Post Office

  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan

United Way

Universal Forest Products (Business Files)

University Hospital–Ann Arbor (see Hospitals)

University of Grand Rapids (see Colleges & Universities: Davenport Institute)

University of Michigan (see Colleges & Universities for the following, unless otherwise noted)

  • Extension Services
  • General and History
  • Library (see Libraries)
  • Phoenix Project
  • Research
  • Special Departments

Upper Peninsula–Cloverland (Historical)

Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Urban Concern

Urban Farming

Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts (UICA)

Urban League of West Michigan

Urban Renewal and Redevelopment (see also Downtown Press Clippings (1946-1975) vertical files and bound edition)



Valley City Milling (Business Files)

Valley Field (see Parks: Sullivan Field)

Van Andel Arena (see Buildings)

Van Andel Institute

Van Andel Museum Center Building (see Buildings)

Van Den Berg Bros. Furniture (Furniture Files)

VanHoecks Shoes

Van’s Pastry Shoppe (Business Files)

Van Wyk’s Men’s Store (Business Files)

Vaudeville (see Theaters)

Ventura, Michigan

Verhey Carpets Inc. (Business Files)


  • Grand Rapids & Michigan
  • United Spanish-American War

Veterans Memorial Park (see Parks, Grand Rapids)

Veterinary College (see Colleges & Universities, Grand Rapids Veterinary College)

Vietnam War–Grand Rapids (see Wars)

Vietnamese in Grand Rapids (see Ethnic Groups)

Villa Maria

Village at Knapp’s Crossing

Vital Statistics–Michigan

Vocational Education–Grand Rapids/Michigan (see Education)

Voigt House (see Buildings)

Voigt Milling Company (see Voigt, Carl P&B Files)

Volleyball (see Sports)

Voluntary Action Center



WBDC Architects & Planners (Business Files)

W.E. Miles Coal Co. (Business Files)

W.S. Gunn & Sons Hardware (Business Files)

Waddell Manufacturing Company (Business Files)

Wagemaker Boat Co. (Business Files)

Walden Village (school)(see Schools–Grand Rapids: Public)

Walenga’s Market (Business Files)

Walker, Michigan

Walking Tours

Warner Norcross & Judd (Business Files)


  • Civil War–GR
  • Civil War–MI
  • Korean War
  • Spanish-American War
  • Vietnam War–GR
  • War in Archival Collections
  • War of 1812
  • World War I-GR and MI
  • World War II-GR and MI


Wastewater Treatment Plant (see Monroe Avenue Filtration Plant)

Water Pollution (see Pollution)

Water Supply–Grand Rapids

Water Resources–Michigan



Waters Building (see Buildings)

Wayne State University (see Colleges & Universities)

Wealthy Street Bridge (see Bridges)

Wealthy Theatre (see Theaters; see also Architectural Files, Wealthy Street)


  • Meteorology/Meteorologists
  • Rain/Flooding
  • Rain/Flooding
    • Flood 1904
    • Flood 2013

  • Summer
  • Tornadoes
    • April 1956
    • April 1967
    • Palm Sunday, April 1965

  • Weather Ball
  • Winter
    • 2013-
    • Blizzard 1978

Wedgewood Christian Services


West Leonard Business Association (Business Files)

West Michigan Center for Arts and Technology (WMCAT)

West Michigan Construction Institute

West Michigan Environmental Action Council [WMEAC]West Michigan Fair

West Michigan Health Systems Agency

West Michigan Jazz Society

West Michigan Regional Planning Commission

West Michigan Tourist Association

West Michigan Whitecaps (see Sports Teams)

West Side–Grand Rapids (see Neighborhoods& N’hood Associations)

West Side Complex (see Neighborhoods & N’hood Associations)

Western Michigan Genealogical Society (WMGS)

Western Michigan University (see Colleges & Universities)

Western Union Telegraph Co. (History)


Wheeler & Green Mfg. (Business Files)

Wheeler, Upham, Bryant & Uhl (see Wanty, George P. P&B Files)

White Flame Light Co. (Business Files)

Whitecaps (see Sports Teams, West Michigan Whitecaps)

Who is Who in Grand Rapids

Widdicomb Company, John (Furniture Files)

Wildflower Conservation–Michigan


William H. Dean Memorial Bridge (see Bridges, Fulton Street Bridge)

Willow Run, Michigan


Winegar’s Greater Store (Home Furnishers)(Furniture Files)

Wisconsin Historical Society

Wolf Hunting (see Hunting)

Wolverine Building Group (Business Files)

Wolverine Worldwide (Business Files)

Woman’s Committee, Michigan Division, Council of National Defense (WWI)


  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan

Women’s Christian Temperance Union

Women’s City Club

Women’s Clubs

Women’s Resource Center

Women’s Study Club

Women’s Suffrage

  • Grand Rapids
  • Michigan

Woodbeck Chain of Lakes

Woodcarving & Woodcarvers–Grand Rapids

Wooden Shoe Factory (Business Files)

Woodlawn Housing Project

Worden Grocer Co. (Business Files)

Workmen’s Compensation Dept.–Michigan

Works Progress Administration

World Affairs Council of Western Michigan (see also Coll. #004)

World War I–Grand Rapids (see Wars; also Coll. #s: 174, 219, 318, & 320)

World War I–Michigan (see Wars)

World War II–Grand Rapids (see Wars)

World War II–Michigan (see Wars)

  • General
  • Japanese Balloon Bombs

Wurzburg’s Department Store (Business Files)

Wyoming, Michigan-History




Year in Review–Grand Rapids Timelines

York Band Instruments (Business Files)

Young Americans for Freedom (see Political Movements)

Young & Chaffee Furniture Co.(Furniture Files)

Y.M.C.A. (also see Buildings)


Youth–Grand Rapids/Michigan

Youth Day–Commonwealth, Camp O’Malley

Ypsilanti Reed Furniture (Ionia) (Furniture Files)


Zagman Memorial Chapel (Business Files)

Zeeland, Michigan

Zindel Bottling Co. (Business Files)

Zondervan Publishing House (Business Files)

Zoning–Grand Rapids