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Missing the ability to browse the shelves for your next book to read?
Let GRPL staff choose adult, children, or teen books and movies for you to browse at home!

During GRPL’s closure in response to COVID-19 we’re offering Book Bundles For adults, kids and teens. GRPL staff will select an assortment of books or movies in the type and amount you choose. These items will be placed on hold for you to be picked up during GRPL To Go curbside pickup hours.

You will be notified when the items are ready for pickup.

Please fill out the Book Bundle Form below. If you have any questions or need assistance with the form please call 616-988-5400, option 4.

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    • Board Book: Simple picture book printed on thick paperboard pages (aimed age 0-4)
    • Jkit: Contains a picture book and a CD recording of the book in a clear bag
    • Picture Book: Books using large pictures and words to tell a story (aimed age 0-9)
    • Easy Reader: Picture books using limited vocabulary and large pictures. (aimed age 4-9, or beginning readers)
    • Children’s Fiction: Chapter books of made-up stories, (aimed age 8-13) (jFiciton)
    • Children’s CD Fiction: An audiobook recording of a chapter book (jCD Fiction)
    • Children’s Nonfiction: Books that introduce children to real-world, factual subjects or ideas in a simpler, understandable way (also includes fables and folk tales that are not factual stories) (aimed age 4-14)
    • Children’s Biography: A factual account of someone’s life written in a simpler, understandable way (JBiography)
    • Children’s Graphic Novel: Book featuring primarily pictures, often in comic format with speech bubbles. (aimed age 4-13) (JGraphic Novel) 
    • Children’s Spanish: Children’s fiction and non-fiction books with words in Spanish. Sometimes bilingual English/ Spanish. (JSpanish)
    • Teen Fiction: Stories invented by the author often dealing with themes that affect teenagers. (aimed age 12+)
    • Teen Graphic Novel: Book featuring primarily pictures, often in comic format with speech bubbles. Stories often deal with themes that affect teenagers. (aimed age 12+)
    • Children’s DVD: Movies aimed for children and families (Rated G to PG13) (JDVD)
    • Adult Materials: Fiction, Nonfiction, Biography, Large print, Audiobook CD Fiction, Audiobook CD Nonfiction, Spanish (libros en español) , Graphic Novel, DVD, and Music CD

    If you are looking for specific books on a subject or genre, please use the library’s catalog to place holds, or call one of GRPL’s pickup branch locations for assistance.