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Grand Rapids Public Library Outreach

Community Partnerships

Through intentional community engagement and outreach initiatives, GRPL makes using the library accessible. Our staff  are available to  visit festivals, community events, neighborhood programs, and more.

During our visit, we will provide: 

  • material for check-out
  • library card registration
  • give-aways 

GRPL continues to reimagine ways that our library can serve our community. This includes pilot programs and initiatives with local institutions. Interested in collaborating with GRPL? Email

Contact Us

You can request that Grand Rapids Public Library staff attend your community event. We attempt to honor all outreach requests, however, due to limited resources and/or the possible unavailability of staff during the requested time, we cannot guarantee every request. The likelihood of honoring your request is increased significantly if there are alternative dates and times and if the event is relevant to our strategic plan and the citizens of Grand Rapids.

GRPL’s Mobile Library

Our Mobile Library provides targeted neighborhood access to library resources. It allows us to deepen our connection with local organizations and community partners, as well as bridge early literacy gaps.