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Facility Rental


Facility rentals and room reservations are paused in response to COVID-19. GRPL will resume space rentals during Phase IV of our phased reopening plan.

We have the perfect space for your educational, cultural, or community event.

If you are interested in reserving a room, please read the library’s Room Guidelines. To reserve a room at the library, contact the Business Office at 616.988.5409. We ask that rooms be reserved at least two weeks prior to the event date.



  • Library facilities may be used for activities not sponsored or administered by the Grand Rapids Public Library when those activities are educational, cultural, or for the betterment of the community.
  • Library facilities are available to non-profit and for-profit organizations for meetings and programs but are not to be used for business development, sales, or commercial activities.
  • Library facilities are not available for social events such as showers, birthday parties, weddings and receptions, or private receptions.
  • All activities must be free to attend and such use shall not include distribution of literature, solicitation for memberships, and/or payment of dues.

Reservation Guidelines and Responsibilities of User

  • Eligible organizations may reserve the facilities for meetings and programs up to 10 times per year. Facilities may be reserved up to six months before the requested reservation date. The library is not available for recurring or standing reservations.
  • User agrees to honor the start and finish time of their rental agreement. They will not have access to the room before the agreed upon start time and will have completely vacated the room by the agreed upon finish time, unless other arrangements have been made. Facilities are available during open library hours up to 30 minutes prior to closing.
  • If library equipment is being used, user must use the software available on the computer. No new software may be installed and existing software may not be reconfigured or changed in any manner. Users are welcome to bring their own computer or device if they prefer, but library staff has not been trained to support outside equipment and is unable to provide assistance.
  • User is financially responsible for any and all damage to library property.
  • A tentative reservation will be made if the date requested is available. The Room Reservation Agreement must be completed and all rental fees must be paid two weeks prior to the reserved date or the reservation will be canceled.
  • The library will not discriminate in the use of its facilities based upon race, religion, color, creed, national origin, sex, disability, age, marital status, sexual orientation, or other criteria prohibited by law.
  • Permitting use of library facilities does not constitute library endorsement of the organization; the goals, objectives, or activities of the organization; or the content of any communication made by the organization.

Ryerson Auditorium

Level 3 | Main Library | 111 Library Street NE | 49503

  • Large auditorium with raised stage area and adjustable lighting
  • Special features: Part of the original 1904 Ryerson Library building with beautiful arched windows and intricate crown moulding
  • Available to be arranged in Board Room (40 people), Classroom (40 people), Small Group (64 people), U-Shaped (40 people), and Theater style (140 people) layouts
  • Available equipment included with rental: Podium, computer station & laptop, projector & screen, microphones, sound board, and tables & chairs.
  • Rate: $325 (4 hours or less) + $75 for each additional hour or partial hour not to exceed $625

Vander Veen Center for the Book

Level 4 | Main Library | 111 Library Street NE | 49503

  • Round room with windows facing Fountain Street Church
  • Special features: Cabinets displaying archival material
  • Available to be arranged in Board Room (12 people), Classroom Facing Screen (16 people), Classroom Facing Window (12 people), and Theater style (40 people) layouts
  • Available equipment: Monitor/display for presentation, laptop, and tables & chairs
  • Rate: $100 (4 hours or less) + $25 for each additional hour or partial hour

Other Multipurpose Spaces

If the library’s space does not work for your event, you might consider another Multipurpose Space in the community that is open and available for public use.