Books by Mail

A free service for the homebound

The Grand Rapids Public Library offers a FREE Books By Mail Program to those who are homebound due to illness, disability, or old age. Residents of the city of Grand Rapids may participate. The Books By Mail Program provides participants with:

  • Delivery to your door or mailbox.
  • Many current titles and authors, including some in large-print format
  • A selection of books-on-CD.
  • Easy, postage-free return.
To qualify for this service you must be a resident of the City of Grand Rapids and unable to come to the library or any of its branches because of illness, disability or old age. This service is only available to patrons 18 years or older.

To apply for this service, please fill out this form.

    To qualify for this service you must be:
    1. A resident of the city of Grand Rapids.
    2. Unable to come to the Library or any of its branches because of (please mark your reason; required):
    Illness or disabilityOld age

    Please fill in the following information about yourself:

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    City: Grand Rapids

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    AdventuresGeneral FictionHistoricalHorrorInspirationalMystery/ThrillerRomanceScience Fiction/FantasyUrban FictionWestern

    Other Fiction:


    Other Interests:

    Favorite Authors or Titles:

    In order to better serve you, we keep track of your book choices in our computer system. This helps us to avoid sending duplicate books. Is this okay with you? YesNo

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