You never know what you will find at the library

One of the joys of working at the library is discovering new information and books. While working on a GRHSC project, I came across these books and facts:

–From “Pre-1912 Street Names and Changes in the City of Grand Rapids” President Teddy Roosevelt implemented a nationwide spelling reform that changed Centre to Center, theatre to theater, colour to color, phantasy to fantasy and phantom to fantom–this might be a Who Wants to be Millionaire final question.

–In 1959 Michigan Department of Conservation published a 5 page pamphlet on Michigan turtles–there were 10 varieties! For a small pamphlet, it has a wealth of information.

–In the book “Memories : a collection of writing by Northview Senior Citizens & Northview Community Education Students” Majorie Nawara wrote a poem, “Education for Life” that I have made a copy of and read every day–I was so inspired.

Other treasures:

  • “Camp Notes of a Union Soldier”–a moving read.
  • “Gerald R. Ford’s visit to Poland”–part of his presidency I wasn’t aware of.
  • “Great Beautiful Black Women” –portraits by Paul Collins.
  • “Architecture in Michigan”–great Michigan architecture.
  • “Atlas of Treasure Maps” –Wyoming Riddler has nothing on this.
  • And finally, “Detroit in Baseball”, a souvenir booklet given to Opening Day patrons on June 12, 1939 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of baseball, all compliments of Walter O. Briggs, president of the Detroit Baseball Company–as a baseball enthusiast how cool is this!

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