You Can Wear it Again… The Trials and Tribulations of Being a Bridesmaid

As the warm weather rolls in so does the wedding season.  I’m currently at the age where every time I turn around someone is walking down the aisle.  While the average wedding guest  gets to buy a present off the registry, have a sub-par meal, eat cake, and enjoy the free cocktails some of us are not so lucky.  I recently made my second stint as a bridesmaid and with it comes the “you can wear it again” dress, an expensive up do and makeover, and hours of smiling until your face hurts.

Instead of kicking back and working my way through a copy of Jane Eyre (which sounded very tempting in lieu of the wedding) I took up my bouquet and charge fourth into the breach. Encased in bright red dresses my fellow bridesmaids and I  flanked our bride, acting as security against obnoxious in-laws-to-be, an overzealous photographer and his snippy assistant, and a petulant two year old flower girl (we can’t blame her for only acting as we felt ourselves).  While my comrades bustled the bride’s gown to hide the dirt stains incurred before the walk down the isle,  I took on the role as sarcastic, comic-relief distracting the distraught lady in white.  I may be useless when it comes to floral arrangements, wedding showers, and basically all things wedding related, but mimicking a southern belle in fluster over her wedding seemed to entertain the stressed bride.

Hours later as we gathered up left over wedding favors and helped carry gifts out to the cars I came to a realization. While complaining (not to the bride of course) about buying a dress I’ll wear only once and I bemoaning being the tallest person in the wedding party ( two inches taller than the groomsmen) I discovered the point of being a bridesmaid.  We’re not there for the decoration, holding the bride’s dress while she pees, or even running last minute errands; we were there to keep the bride from jumping off the deep end.  So to all my fellow bridesmaids out there I relay my sympathies, but also remember when you’re ready to strangle the bride, that, one day, you’ll get to pay them back and perpetuate the curse of the ugly bridesmaid dress.

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