Meet an author, a raven, and a skunk!

Sue StauffacherOne Book, One City for Kids 2013 is kicking off with a party on Monday, January 28, 4:00 – 6:00 pm at Pooh’s Corner Bookstore in Breton Village Mall. Meet one great author (Sue Stauffacher) and two great animals (a real live raven and skunk!). Sue will sign books. The raven and the skunk haven’t learned how to write yet. There are lots of cool books in the store so bring your birthday money with you. This party is free and open to anyone who wants to come.

One Book, One City for Kids is a cool reading program that tries to get every single 4th grade* kid in One City (that would be Grand Rapids) to read One Book (this year the book is Special Delivery! by Sue Stauffacher). Special Delivery! is the second book in the Animal Rescue Series. In this book ten-year-old Keisha and her family’s animal rescue center face more challenges involving a baby crow in a mailbox and a skunk found in the nearby community garden.

Visit the official One Book, One City for Kids website to download a free poster and find more cool books to read. And, if you are a 4th grade student or teacher here in the City of Grand Rapids, you can enter to win a free classroom visit with author Sue Stauffacher!

*Secret! We’ll let you read the book even if you’re not in 4th grade!

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