Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination


Did you know a silver-screen starlet played a major role in developing the systems that make GPS possible after escaping WWII Europe? Read all about her in Hedy’s folly : the life and breakthrough inventions of Hedy Lamarr, the most beautiful woman in the world. What about how Admiral Grace Hopper played an instrumental role in bringing technology to the Navy, as told in Grace Hopper : admiral of the cyber sea. And don’t forget Ada Lovelace who wrote one of the first computer programs, her story is in The bride of science : romance, reason and Byron’s daughter.

If not, now is the perfect time to learn about these tech pioneers and more! March is Women’s History Month, and this year’s theme is Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination: Celebrating Women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  We have lots of great books about women who changed the world through their work in the http://catalog.grpl.org/opac/extras/ac/jacket/small/9780230115712STEM fields.

We’ve all heard of two-time Noble Prize winner Marie Curie, but if you need a refresher try Obsessive genius : the inner world of Marie Curie. And did you know her daughters were extraordinary women who made an impact on male dominated professions as well? Learn more about them in Marie Curie and Her Daughters.

https://catalog.grpl.org/opac/extras/ac/jacket/small/0375507442Another well known woman is Amelia Earhart, but if you need a refresher Amelia Earhart : the turbulent life of an American icon gives her story a fresh perspective. Still missing : Amelia Earhart and the search for modern feminism not only examines Earhart’s life, but puts it in context with other women who have shaped history. Earhart ensures women pioneers in aviation have a place in the history books, but what about the women of space travel? The Mercury 13 : the untold story of thirteen American women and the dream of space flight recounts the impact of women on the early space program. For a more modern take, try the story of the first Muslim woman in space, My dream of stars : from daughter of Iran to space pioneer.

https://catalog.grpl.org/opac/extras/ac/jacket/small/9780786429271If you are in the mood for a more general overview of the women in the sciences take a look at The Madame Curie complex : the hidden history of women in science or Women pioneers of medical research. Even though Heroes for my daughter includes men alongside remarkable women, all of the stories are about great role models for girls!

You can find all of these book and more on a list in our catalog. While you are there, check out our Women’s History Month lists for Children and Teens.



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