What to read with the flu

If you’ve had the flu recently you may not have felt like moving much, maybe not even hearing any annoying noise (TV, radio, spouse).  So what is one to do, because one  can’t sleep ALL day?

Well, I recommend re-reading a novel, or series, of books that you have read before (preferably many years ago, so that the only part  that you remember is that you LIKED  the book).  This will prevent any tiring hard thinking, when you need to conserve resources.  Why take a chance on a disturbing NEW novel when you are sick?

Martin Cruz Smith wrote  Gorky Park in 1981,  followed by Polar Star, Red Square, Havana Bay, Wolves Eat Dogs, and  Stalin’s Ghost.  These 6 novels span almost a 30 year period of social and political upheaval in what used to be the USSR, as the intrepid Arkady Renko labors as an Investigator under ever new regimes.  Of course he is sort of a Clint Eastwood type, a moral loner, who  always faces tremendous roadblocks from hidden and surprising forces, before he ultimately solves the case.

Tim O’Brien has a good sums-it-up look at  the series when he reviews “Stalin’s Ghost” in the New York Times.

One Response to “What to read with the flu”

  1. March 26, 2010 at 9:21 am #

    'spouse,' hahaha!

    this is excellent advice. very wise and pooh-bear like. i've been getting some sort of a cold, or maybe allergies, and it's true that in this vulnerable state you don't want to tire yourself on war and peace or some other thing. better to re-read bridget jones.