Wesley the Owl

Stacey O’Brien, a biologist specializing in wild animal behavior, was working for Caltech in 1985 when she was given the chance to foster parent a baby barn owl.  Born with nerve damage in one wing, the owlet would never be able to be released into the wild.  Stacey committed to giving Wesley a permanent home and their heartwarming relationship lasted for 19 years.

Photos show Wesley starting out as an ugly, naked, chick who morphed with loving care to a cute, white, fuzzy adolescent, and then to a handsome, gold-and-white adult. Wesley’s unique personality, playful nature, and physical beauty impressed everyone who met him.

Stacey learned and documented much new scientific information on barn owl behavior, intelligence, and communication, but the charm of this book is the human-owl bond that exists between Stacey and Wesley.

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