Water, water, no where.

I don’t like it.  My dogs don’t like it.  Farmers don’t like it.  Factory workers without A/C don’t like it.  Even earth doesn’t like it.  No, I am not referring to fireworks being lit off at all hours of the day (although it’s entirely possible none of the above groups like that either).  I’m talking about the drought affecting a large portion of the country.  It’s being called the worst drought since 1956, and it looks like it may be holding on through October.  What that means for my electric bill is not a pleasant thought, nor is the thought that autumn may not be so colorful.  Plus food prices will rise across the board since so many things in our supermarkets have some sort of corn derivative ingredient in them.

What if the drought persists?  GRPL has several book on how to survive all kinds of situations.  True it hasn’t gotten that bad just yet, but one can never be too prepared for any scenario.

Good luck and stay cool!



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