Voter’s Guides Online

The paper version of the Voter’s Guide generously provided to us by the League of Women Voters has proven to be especially popular. If your favorite GRPL location happens to be out, fear not. More will be arriving within days. And – the exact same guide is available online as a PDF.

The League also points us to these online resources for nonpartisan information:
I am especially interested to check out the results of their candidate surveys.
Enter some basic information about yourself and you can check and see if you are registered to vote, find out where to go to vote, and view a sample ballot. Whew! I hate it when I get there and find something on there I am unprepared to vote for! Impressively enough, the sample ballot also includes links to candidates’ webpages and campaign finance information. Kudos to the state for this helpful and easy to use site!
This site seems to offer the same information as the state’s site. However, you only had to enter your name to get started.

As the League is fond of reminding us, democracy is not a spectator sport! So get reading and get ready. Polls are open on Tuesday, November 2.

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