Valuable Resources in our Periodicals Storage Collection

Do you ever wonder what magazines looked like the year you were born, or the year your parents or grandparents were born? Well, come on down to the Grand Rapids Public Library and ask staff if you can see a magazine or two from our Periodicals Storage Collection.

We have magazines dating back into the 1800’s through today. Want to see what kinds of advertising companies used in magazines years ago and compare it to today? Compare the writing of articles, the fashion statements, and the general formats of magazines from past years. Check out our valuable resources.

Our older magazines are bound together like a book, so you can actually see the old print magazines. Times changed and so did the formats of magazines. We have old print magazines, magazines on reels of microfilm, magazines on microfiche and then we have today’s magazines. Ask at the lower level computer desk for older magazines. For the current magazines, go to the 3rd floor Reading Room. Enjoy your summer with a good magazine!

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