Traveling in Style

Though my family has never owned an Airstream, or any travel trailer for that matter, I find them fascinating and have dreams of traveling around in one someday. It’s easy to think of the kind of vacations that could be had in an Airstream…..classic journeys to National Parks, roadside attractions, and amusement parks ala Vacation.  But the kid in me sees travel trailers as vehicles for just the kind of adventure that is showcased in Lego commercials, in which anything is possible and everyone is a superhero. In fact, I think having a great imagination and a vision for epic journeys are requirements for owning a vintage trailer, how else do these fabulously designed, uniquely customized trailers emerge?

As part of our GR Reads line-up of programs, the Library will be hosting a Vintage Trailer show this Saturday, August 17 from 10am-3pm. We will also have Jon Vander Ploeg here to speak about early trailer design, trailering in the 1920’s, and his own Airstream renovation project. Jon’s presentation will start in the Auditorium at 3:30pm.

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