Too much Nordic fiction?

Not enough sunlight?  Because certain popular  Nordic  authors can be a bit depressing.   After Stieg Larsson,  followed by Amaldur Indridason  for a chaser, life looked rather bleak.   Fortunately the library was there for me, and one of our top professionals was available to see me.  “Bill”, I said, “I feel depressed after too much Nordic fiction.  I need a prescription for an invigorating read.  The type where the good triumph and the bad are punished in a timely manner. ”   The Reader’s Advisory Doctor looked thoughtful…  I added hopefully,  “An author like TurowSandford,   Martin Cruz Smith?  And it has to have some humor and/or romance to offset all the grisly murders. ”    Our RAD looked grave, considered, and then left suddenly, coming back to present me with what turned out to be the perfect author for my condition: P. J. Tracy,  (a mother-daughter team), who write the MonkeeWrench series of mysteries.  Each book in the series seemed to get better, so I ended up reading them all.   “Who’s on first” is often a problem for me, so I always use  our Evergreen catalog’s feature, “Recommendations” link, which lists all the books in a series in order, and also has handy “readalikes”.  Have to read those  reviews too– BookBrowse is a nice source.

So don’t buy one of Seasonal Affective Disorder light sets just yet.  Spring is supposedly here, and the reader’s advisory staff doctors are always “IN” at GRPL.

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