Toddlers 19 months – 2 years: Singing

Songs help children develop listening skills and pay attention to the rhythms and rhymes of spoken language. Singing slows down language so children can hear different parts of words and notice how they are alike and different. Clapping along to rhythms help children hear the syllables in words, and it improves motor skills.


  • Action music.
    • Play music that lends itself to particular actions – something with a big, loud beat so your child can stamp like an elephant, or something quiet so she can pretend she’s tiptoeing past a sleeping lion. Marching to music is also great fun and easy enough for most toddlers to manage. These games will stretch her imagination and develop her sense of rhythm.
  • Get rhythm.
    • Provide rhythm instruments for toddlers to use while singing. They can shake or hit these instruments to the beat of the song.