Toddlers 19 months – 2 years: Reading

No matter what the age, reading to your child is the single most important activity that you can do to help your child get ready to read. It introduces children to “rarer” words that they may not hear in everyday conversation. Shared reading develops a love of reading and an appreciation of books. Children who enjoy being read to are more likely to want to learn to read.


  • Read books.
    • Read to your toddler every day.
  • Make a list.
    • Let your child help you with the grocery list. As your child names items that are needed, have them watch you write them down. Also point out the letters on the food labels.
  • Read Symbols.
    • “Read” symbols, aloud, on signs (stop signs, library, etc).
  • Let them play on the fridge.
    • Provide magnetic alphabet letters for the fridge.
  • Point.
    • Point to the words as you read to toddlers, so that they will begin to understand that you are reading the words, not the pictures.

Learn more

Parents and caregivers, here are some books on reading for toddlers.