The T-Shirts are Here!

So, if you’re a kid or teen and you’ve been reading ever so diligently….uh, ever so much, just waiting for that t-shirt, guess what? They’re here! If you have finished your water slide reading record or your first teen raffle, you can now go to your local branch to pick up your t-shirt and other ending prizes. Of course, you have until Saturday, August 7th to claim your prizes or add more to the raffle. We will TRY to have the size you told us when signing up, but we can’t guarantee it.  And remember, even after you are sporting that new tee, it is still a good idea to keep reading!

One Response to “The T-Shirts are Here!”

  1. July 15, 2010 at 10:53 am #

    There are many happy kids,teens, and parents walking out the doors these last few days, all sharing happy comments about the color and the design of this year's summer reading Program T-Shirts!