The Evolution of the Kindle

Anyone who knows me knows that I’m an ebook kind of girl.

I know, I know.  Paper is wonderful.  Feeling the crisp thickness of book caliper paper between my thumb and forefinger as I grip and turn the pages, running my finger along the spine in supreme celebration of a new-found treasure, even the musty smell of a good, well-kept paperback are all part and parcel of my reading history.  I still get a healthy dose of satisfaction from holding a book in my hands, but I am not bound to that satisfaction.

Several years ago, I started reading ebooks.  I felt like it was a betrayal of something pure and unfettered at the time, but I did it anyway.  You see, I didn’t have any reasonable means of transportation that day…and I wanted to read that book.  I could have waited.  But why?  I downloaded the book onto my computer and I read it.  While the book was everything I expected, I wasn’t satisfied.  I wanted to curl up in an armchair with my cat…and my twenty pound computer monitor made that impossible. Still, the convenience factor was major to the type of reader that I am (ahem, five to ten books a week).  So, I experimented with PDAs.

My poor eyes.  They suffered drastically from the bluish, flickery display of those early millennium PDAs.  But, I read that way anyway.  And then, I heard about a new device.  The Amazon Kindle with e-ink display.  My heart skipped a beat.  I pre-ordered my Kindle the day after it was announced with next-day shipping.

When it arrived, my life changed.  I moved over to 90% ebooks.  The convenience of carrying 1500 books with me at all times thrilled the book nerd in me to no end and seeing a book that I wanted in an article or online and having it in my hands a minute later made me feel new-age and tech-savvy.

Of course, I was the first in line to get the Kindle 2.

This one was slimmer, better organized and came with nifty little skins to give it character and flair.  (The leopard skin is so not me, this now belongs to my aunt, so disregard it.)  Owning the Kindle 2 just further solidified my new ebook reading lifestyle.  The occasional physical book does fall into my hands from time to time, but I can seamlessly switch between the two with no problem or thought.

And, of course, when the Kindle 3 was announced, I was right there.

The e-ink display is even crisper and with a lighter weight and more advanced organization, the thing just keeps growing on me.  I love it.

A visual evolution for you:

My three Kindles.  Well, my two former Kindles and my new love.  The older two belong to other ebook converts, but the visual is telling.  The Amazon Kindle is evolving…as is the publishing world.

Now, somehow my latest and greatest vision has to come true.  A GRPL Ebook Club.  One that takes place on this very blog and is powered by the library’s growing ebook collection…and one that is compatible for all ebook readers.  I see it.  It’s coming.  Just wait!

Happy E-Reading!

2 Responses to “The Evolution of the Kindle”

  1. October 5, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    I think we're getting a Kindle soon, and I've been search high and low for Kindle support in GRPL someplace. How can I help get the ebookclub working?

  2. October 5, 2010 at 9:32 am #

    Once again, a most excellent blog! Thanks Jeanessa.