The Dirty Projector’s “glitch opera” album

I’m pleased to see one of my favorite albums introduced into the GRPL’s CD collection- The Dirty Projector’s “Getty’s Address“.  Dave Longstreth’s quirky musical compositions and tinkerings reach their most ambitious level by exposing the digital era of recording.  Mixing classical instruments, digital thumps and hiccups, meandering compositions and a strained folksy voicy, the album likes to go wherever it wants.  Musical analysts can have a field day with this one.

It has some beautiful moments.  Dave has some of the strangest vocal arrangements I’ve found around- (think bjork).  Definitely not for musical fans that love the pitch perfection of an artist!  Dave’s voice goes all over the place in an R&B kinda way, but his strained voice can be irritating to some.  The female singers he employs are way more on target, and his latest album “Bitte Orca” puts two of his singers in the spot light while his prescence is downplayed.

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