The Boys of Summer are Back!

I took a long hiatus from baseball. Growing up, we watched pretty much every Tigers game that was televised (not to mention every Lions game). By the time high school hit, I think I was done with it. Well, except for 1984 when they made it to the World Series. (ooh, there’s a hint to my age…)

Well, in 2006, I had a mini resurgence. I kept hearing how well they were doing, I watched the last month or so and the World Series. But last summer, my love of baseball and the Tigers in particular was fully renewed! I cannot say why or what sparked my interest. I think it was partly that there were nights when nothing else was on tv so I flipped it to a game. What a year to fall back in love! I was highly disappointed with the way they fell apart in the very last game of the season, but, we can’t win them all.

This year, I eagerly awaited opening day. I was at work so I couldn’t actually watch the game, but I will admit to having an box score window open to keep track of the score. I did get a little worried when I saw their lead was met with a tie but thrilled to see they pulled out the victory! Again, on Saturday, I had to keep track of the score via ESPN, but it wasn’t quite over by the time I got home from work. I ran into the house only to find….well, not the game. Finally, Sunday, I lingered after Easter dinner to watch the stressful extra innings game. But wow am I glad I did! What a game it was!

This year the Tigers are on many lists to be the AL Champions and some lists to win the World Series. Apparently this Prince Fielder is some slugger!  (I won’t pretend to know much about many players, especially if they didn’t play for the team last year. I do know he is the son of Tiger Cecil Fielder, but I wasn’t watching baseball when he played for them!) I am hoping all these predictions come true!

Not a fan of baseball?  What about baseball movies?

Field of Dreams

Bull Durham (one of my favorites!)

Major League

League of Their Own


The Natural

Pride of the Yankees

And of course, don’t forget about our West Michigan Whitecaps! My family always enjoys spending an afternoon or evening at 5/3 Ballpark.

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