The Book Cover Archive

In the hours that I’m not here at the library, I am a freelance graphic designer. One of the fringe benefits I enjoy through working at the library is seeing all the beautiful book cover designs coming in on all the new books each week. I’m continually impressed and inspired by the creativity and powerful imagery other designers have put into the world.

So, when I stumbled across The Book Cover Archive I bookmarked/starred/favorited it so fast it broke the sound barrier. Go ahead and browse through if you have some time to kill, and then come on down to the library and check the books out themselves and put a few more wrinkles in your brain. I’ve posted a few of my favorites below

decline_of_the_english_murder.large not_that_kind_of_girl.large suttree.large the_art_of_immersion.largethe_last_skin.largeuncommon_sense.large super_sad_true_love_story.large estrella_distante.large

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