That Sunday Event in Feburary with Great Food, or Taste of Soul, or TOSS, or….

whatever you call it, plan your day around the events scheduled to celebrate African American History Month, Sunday February 20th, 2011 from 1-4 at the Main Library. Maybe you’ve seen the posters, picked up a flyer, or talked to others but like me, you’ve never attended. Here’s what we’ve been missing: great food, great programs and a great event designed to entertain the whole family.

Begin by being greeted by the classical and jazz music of the Quatenus String Quartet at 1 pm, wander through the building to the auditorium to listen to Hey Marco at 1:30 pm, stick around for a very lively step performance at 2:30 pm and wrap it up with a 3:30 performance by the gospel ensemble Imani.

Give up your seat in the auditorium and you can attend a talk by Gwen Crawford as she discusses her cookbook The Crossover Diet, or Coy Davis’ documentary titled Whatever Happened to Idlewild?, or Dr. Rik Stevenson Jr. titled The Mis-Development of Black Men in the U.S, or listen to Kenyan native Dorothy Sewe share her own story of The African Immigrant’s Experience in the U.S.

Of interest to kids, create a Masai beaded necklace and listen to the traditional African dance and drum group Jewels of Africa.

For Teens there will be a Step Demonstration where you’ll learn some basic step routines.

In between all this and to keep up your strength, stop at the food booths featuring local restaurants Southern Fish Fry, Chez Olga, and Lolo’s Cafe.

It’s that Sunday event in February with great food and entertainment that you don’t want to miss.

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