Teens Step Up @ Taste of Soul Sunday

Top Three Reasons why YOU should come to Taste of Soul Sunday:

3. Exciting Library Atmosphere (There will be no QUIET THIS DAY, I GUARANTEE!)
2. FOOD & MUSIC (because what’s the fun of having one without the other)
1. I WILL BE THERE!!!! The Official TSU GRPL Teen Booth will be there!

Sooooo—Come stop by our booth after you’ve had your fill of music and food. GRPL Teens will have a SUPER COOL Booth at Taste of Soul Sunday. The booth will be loaded with fun….fun…FUN! If you don’t believe me (then stop by the booth ’cause we might just have some super cool stuff to giveaway…) That’s definitely not a bribe….or is it?! Anyway, I hope to see you all stop by and h709C39D8
(That doesn’t sound creepy at all) 🙂

image: http://cheezburger.com/5696427008

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