Tasting Soul

One of the best parts of Taste of Soul Sunday, I’ve heard, is the Taste part.  Soul Food is integral to African-American culture and in that vein, some of the most popular African-American restaurants will be offering up nibbles and tastes of their culinary fare at Taste of Soul Sunday.

Chez Olga

I’ve never dined at this restaurant or eaten a lot of Creole or Caribbean food, which is all the more reason for me to be excited about experiencing my first taste at TOSS on Sunday, February 20.  The restaurant is located at 1441 Wealthy in East Town, serving unique and spicy creole fare for lunch and dinner.

Southern Fish Fry

At this point Southern Fish Fry is pretty much a Grand Rapids institution.  I have dined there many times before, starting in my teens when they opened their location on Madison.  They feature classic, all-American soul food.  Fried fish, as their name implies, but also staples like collard greens, corn bread and barbecue rib tips.

LoLo’s Cafe

I’ve been to LoLo’s many times because my mom used to live near their restaurant at Kalamazoo Ave & 44th St.  When we went to her house, my niece and I would stop and I’d get their fried catfish fillet and candied yams and she’d have fried perch or chicken wings and macaroni and cheese.  We never left unsatisfied!

And just think, you get to nibble and taste some of their best dishes for free at Taste of Soul Sunday on February 20 from 1-5pm in the library.  As if you needed another reason to attend.  See you there!

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