Taste of Soul 2013

It is time for our annual Taste of Soul Event. The event celebrates African American culture and will be held at the Main Library from 1-4 pm on February 17th. This is a guide from a 7 year veteran (me) of this program so you can be sure to maximize your time at this great event.

As you come in you will hear the beautiful sounds of Karisa Wilson. She’s a local artist who is also a classically trained violinist. She describes her music as “a blend of Indie pop, jazz and blues”. Once you tear yourself away from Mrs. Wilson you are going to have to make some choices. Are you going to get a prime seat in the auditorium, get some food or visit one of the lectures? Taste of Soul has a very high level of opportunity cost built in. You are not going to be able to see everything. The performances only happen once, the lectures are repeated twice but then there is the lingering problem of food. You can’t go to a Taste and not get any food!

If you go the route of getting food first you have your choice of Southern Fish Fry, Chez Olga, and new food vendor to TOSS, Duthler’s Family Foods. You can circle back and try another food vendor but you’ll miss performances and lectures. You could probably hit up one food vendor and make it in time for one of the lectures at 1:30 pm of “I Am Bigger Than the Bully at My School” or “Just a Country Girl”. Both programs will also be repeated at 3 pm.

If you go food followed by lecture you would have missed Serita’s Black Rose  (remember, opportunity cost) who definitely brings the funk! George Clinton might not be in the house but you’ll definitely be feeling funky.Serita’s Black Rose

If you have children they might be interested in a “Songwriting Workshop for Kids” given by Karisa Wilson at 2 pm. You also can go to the Youth Services area on the second floor all day and make some educational crafts.

Now let’s say it’s 2:15 pm. Hopefully you had some food. So maybe now you are interested in hearing some good conversation on educational and informational topics. At 2:15 pm see speakers Tarence E. Lauchie discuss “Developing a Family Plan” and Dr. Sherry Johnson as she lectures on the subject of “Exploring African American Literature”.

Back in the Ryerson auditorium at 2:30 pm, storyteller Miz Rosie performs as Coretta Scott King. Miz Rosie is really good. She performs as a number of historical African American women. We have had her at the library as Harriet Tubman and can’t wait to hear her stories as Mrs. King.

GregFinally at 3:30 pm back in the Ryerson Auditorium,  Greg Peacock, a gospel artist performs. He’s sure to tear the house down!

In closing, I think you’ll have to make you own judgment and figure out where you want to spend your time during Taste of Soul Sunday. Remember, it’s all about opportunity cost.




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