Stuffed Animal Sleepover 2012

Do you ever wonder what happens in the library after it closes? Kids, it’s time for your stuffed animals find out at the  stuffed animal sleepover at the library! Bring a stuffed animal friend (make sure it isn’t the animal you need to fall asleep) to the library to hear some stories and songs. The library staff and volunteens will take good care of your stuffed animals as they spend the night at the library. Come pick up your stuffed animals the next day that the library is open. You will also get a special memento of your stuffed animal’s stay at the library.

Thursday, June 28 at 6pm at Ottawa Hills

Monday, July 2 at 6:30pm at West Leonard

Tuesday, July 3 at 6:00pm at Yankee Clipper

Thursday, July 3 at 6:30pm at Seymour

Thursday, July 5 at  4pm at Van Belkum

Thursday, July 5 at 6:30pm at West Side

Saturday, July 7 at 11am at Main

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  1. June 29, 2012 at 7:42 am #

    this is such a great idea!