Storage Materials on Display | Moving Pictures

Not all good things are new.

Some wondrous things are old. Vintage. Suspended between sage wisdom and kitsch. Held in equilibrium by the life of the mind. Supported by dusty shelves. And available in the storage collection at the Main Library. And what’s more? The items are on display!

Last month, I designed a display in honor of Frank Lloyd Wright’s death (9 April 1959). I pulled periodicals spanning the life of architect and showcased a series of articles Wright penned for the Architectural Record over a four decade period in their original published format. This month my co-worker, Melissa, is focusing on Movie stars throughout the ages. The display is currently under works and is sure to be brilliant, showcasing many famous faces, femme fatales, and fops from the golden age of the silver screen to present.

A lot of work goes into researching materials and selecting themes for displays. But the cool thing is, there is a plethora of interesting
information in the Keeler basement. Speaking from my own experience, It’s hard to find a place to start and it’s interesting to find things by accident. Things that are funny and things that are sad from years past. Things that make you smile and things that break your heart. I’m going end with the former. I found this while combing through an issue of Time from the ’40’s and it cracked me up. Enjoy.

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