Start here, too!

This morning Rick DeVos announced the launch of Start Garden, a  $15 million dollar fund to help “get new ideas into the market and discover if they’re businesses”.   The basics go like this: two different people get $5,000 to help them get their ideas off the ground.  Of the two winning ideas, one is decided by Start Garden, the other is decided by popular vote.  So if you have that big idea you want to get started, check it out.


Suppose you are not one of the lucky two to get chosen?  Or what if you are the build-it-yourself kind of person and just want the tools to do it?  As always, GRPL has you covered.  For several years now we have had a Small Business Center at the Main library.  This dedicated space is devoted to helping you start, develop, grow, and manage your small business.  The Center is in a dedicated workspace on the lower level.  We have books, databases, internet access and more, all designed to help you.  Throughout the year we offer classes, as well as individual appointments for you.  One of our many helpful librarians can help you, but like any good business, we do have a librarian here who specializes in the Center and can connect you to not only what we have here but also any community resources available to you.

So go ahead and check out Start Garden.  Then swing by the library!

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