Squeezing in Reading

         Reading for pleasure has, unfortunately, become something like exercise.
People know they SHOULD do it (for all kinds of reasons that I’m not listing in this particular post),
they would LIKE to do more of it, but it eventually gets lost in the daily madness that is life.

Therefore, I bestow upon you, my top five ways to squeeze some reading into your day.  Not all of them will apply to everyone, but hopefully, you’ll find something that will help add some reading enjoyment to your life.  Yes, I’m  challenging you to make reading a priority. I dare you.

1. Read what you love!  If you’re finding it difficult to find time to read at all,  don’t even bother with
that ponderous classic you never finished in high school.  Figure out what grabs your attention and
keeps you turning pages… a book that when you’re not reading it, you’re thinking about how soon you
can be reading it.  Not sure where to start?  Think of a book you loved, find it in NoveList (look in the
databases under Books and Reader Resources), and browse the readalikes.  OR – ask one of your local GRPL librarians!

2. Read with your ears.  A lot of ‘reading’ can be done while you’re doing something else with audiobooks. Cooking, cleaning, driving, just getting ready for your day…
you could also be listening to a good book!  Don’t have a CD player anymore?  You can download e-audiobooks.

3. Be prepared. Opportunities to read can pop up unexpectedly throughout your day. Maybe you get stuck in a line or a waiting room, or your car breaks down and you’ve got to wait for a tow. Could you be reading while you’re on the bike at the gym? Have your book with you at all times. Don’t want to carry a heavy hardcover in your purse or backpack? Try an e-reader!  Did you know you can check them out here at Main?

4. Read out loud.  Even if you don’t have kids of your own, there must be someone in your life who would be thrilled to pieces if you read them a book.  Find something you’ll both enjoy, and think of the enlightening conversations that might ensue. Not sure where to find quality family friendly books?  Try the lists on our kids’ page!

5. Read with a friend. Make a commitment with at least one other person to read the same book and compare thoughts. Give yourselves a deadline and everything. Or heck, go all out and join a book group. Sometimes all it takes is that little bit of pressure that comes from knowing another person is counting on you to get this done. Did you know the library hosts a group called Reading the Great Lakes?

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