Sports and Ethics

Sports and Athletes have been in the news quite a bit lately. We’re hearing more and more about the Olympics, but other sports news is not so happy. Penn State just received sanctions for the Jerry Sandusky abuse case. The Detroit Lions just released Aaron Berry for DUI and assault. University of Michigan has suspended two players indefinitely this summer for legal offenses. Thanks goodness we have the Olympics coming this week, right?

Not so fast. News has come out that all is not golden for the elite athletes of the world. Hope Solo, a soccer player, recently released a memoir. She talks about what goes on after-hours at the Olympic Village. Athletes are partying to the point of being drunk for interviews. Every Olympic year we hear about doping and performance-enhancing drugs.

Is it the fame? The money? Why do so many athletes and coaches show a lack of ethics and integrity? The sensational stories often overshadow the stories of hard work and hope. We need to hold up the athletes who work hard and achieve great things while maintaining their principles. Athletes like local gymnast Jordyn Wieber, pregnant Malaysian sharpshooter Nur Suryani Mohamed Taibi, and Saudi Arabia’s first two female athletes.

Sports has always been full of controversy, cheating and scandal. Click here for some of the library’s offerings on the subject. Don’t forget to balance yourself after reading about the bad by cheering for the awesome Olympians from all over the world and encouraging good sportsmanship.

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