Space Station 3D

International Space Station

Event:  Space Station 3D IMAX Movie

When:  Saturday, June 22, at 9:45 am

Venue:  Celebration Cinema North, 2121 Celebration Dr. NE

Cost:  Free to the first 50 attendees showing a Grand Rapids Public Library card

Put on your 3D glasses and get ready for an incredible adventure aboard the International Space Station. Filmed by 25 astronauts and cosmonauts and narrated by Tom Cruise, Space Station 3D takes you on an incredible cinematic journey of discovery.  Situated 220 miles above the earth, the International Space Station is a habitable space laboratory built through the efforts of  16 nations. During this exhilarating IMAX space film, 3-D technology enables you to sit inside the space shuttle during launch, experience the exhilaration of a space walk and float effortlessly through the space station.  Sound exciting?  Take a look at the trailer.

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