Snow Day Fun!

Wondering what to do on a SNOW DAY? If you think building a snowman won’t keep you busy enough all day, or you want to spice up your winter– here are some fun ideas:

1. Make Colorful Snow: Spray Bottle, ⅔ Cold Water, Food Coloring…shake it & have fun spraying it outside!

2. Make a snow mural! This mural was made in Maryland….just make sure that you paint on the snow and not on people’s property (unless you have their permission)!

3. Ski on your Wii!

4. Movie Marathon:


All of these films have “snow” cinematography:
Empire Strikes Back
Dumb & Dumber
Eight Below
The Grey
Touching the Void
Let the Right One In

5. Knit a scarf (You can visit us at the library for a TON of knitting books on different scarf designs and patterns, too!)

6. Create a fun hot chocolate flavor

7. Download the jigsaw puzzle app…or buy one in store and try to finish it!

8. Learn some cool winter digital photography tricks

9. Try these fun hair ideas for snow day hair

10. Try snowshoeing to the Library!

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