Small Press, Big Reads!

As e-books continue reshaping the traditional publishing landscape, I wonder what will happen to independent publishers and small presses? Over the years they’ve always been my favorites places to discover great authors, some of which don’t make it into digital format. In no particular order, here’s a list of a dozen award-winning indie/small press releases from the past couple of years. Enjoy!

1. Descent of Man by Kevin Desinger

2. The Calligrapher’s Secret by Rafik Schami

3. Binocular Vision: New & selected stories by Edith Pearlman & Ann Patchett

4. The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov by Paul Russell

5. True Deceiver by Trove Jansson

6. Stone Upon Stone by Wieslaw Mysliwski & Bill Johnstone

7. What to Do When There’s Too Much to Do by Laura Stack

8. Crossing Borders by Rigoberta Menchu

9. Brooklyn Burning by Steve Brezenoff

10. All Cry Chaos by Leonard Rosen

11. Trick of the Dark by Val McDermid

12. The Ruling Passion: Pride and Prejudice Continues by Linda Berdoll

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