She’s just riding naked on a horse through the city…no big deal.

Lady Godiva was married to the kind of man who people avoided making eye contact with in the street. He was an Earl (the Earl of Mercia, exactly) and his recent taxation law was too strict, according to the people of his land.

Godiva had a heart of mercy, and she would often plead with her husband to loosen the taxation law because people were really starting to suffer. The duke refused again and again, but after hearing her complain for the millionth time, he gave in. But there was a catch.
In exchange for lower taxes, he wanted his wife to ride a horse through the city TOTALLY NAKED. Kinda strange, no? She took this as no big deal, and accepted his challenge.

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She sent out a memo to everyone in the city, telling them to lock up their windows and doors, so that no one would see her nekkid. But everyone knows that theres always one creeper in town who take every chance they get, and the city of Mercia was no different.

A tailor named Tom had drilled a hole through his shutters so that when Godiva streaked through the city on a horse, he could watch her. Legend says that when he saw her, he was blinded instantly. Sucks, right? Well that’s what you get for being a creep.

So, on July 10, 1826, Lady Godiva rode a horse naked through the city of Mercia in order to lower taxes for the inhabitants of the city, thus spawning the phrase “Peeping Tom” from the creep who spied on her through his shutters!

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    Popular youtube vlogger Alex Day did a song/music video based on Lady Godiva

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