Shakespeare wrote for money

Today is Nick Hornby’s birthday!

What? You don’t know Nick Hornby?

You know Nick Hornby.

You really do.

Have you seen the movie An Education? Have you read the book High Fidelity (or seen the movie)? He really has been quite a successful writer. I’m kinda jealous, actually. He’s written many books, including About A Boy, Fever Pitch, How To Be Good, A Long Way Down, and a book where each chapter describes one of his favorite songs, called Songbook, or 31 songs to the British.

There’s something about his writing that I feel like I can really relate to. When I first read High Fidelity, I immediately felt connected to the main character in as many ways a female can relate to someone of the opposite gender. The book is filled with all those things about music that I love that I didn’t think anyone else thought. I immediately got a crush on the main character, Rob. I would daydream about accidentally bumping into a Grand Rapids version of Rob on Division Avenue outside of Vertigo or even at my favorite local book store.

Every once in a while, I check Nick Hornby’s website, eagerly checking to see if one day he’ll do a book tour in the United States. You will find me there, first one in line with my beat up copy of all of his books.

So maybe you should celebrate by reading one of his books!

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