Seamus Gate

Can we talk?   I wanted to comment on the excessive amount of news stories devoted to my cousin, Seamus, who had the good fortune to see the world with Mitt Romney.  I’m half  Irish Setter myself, on my dad’s side, once removed, so I can relate to how sensitive an Irish pup like Seamus was.   But what’s the good of being envious of the rich, and thinking that you, an average dog, should ride inside the car with them?  It’s  too bad about the PTSD that Seamus developed, but what can you do…

Some people are making a big deal out of it, saying that it shows a certain kind of character, that the guy is a little cold, a little out of touch with dogs.     Saying that Bo, the president‘s dog, never rides up on top, tied to the roof of the presidential limo. Bo rides in style.  Course, maybe he’s  just spoiled…    Hey- I’m just saying–  that’s why you have to sniff out the whole picture.

The library has lots of books, videos, and biographical and political databases about dogs– oops, I meant political candidates.  It’s still a ways to November, lots of time to really dig into the big issues.  And THEN, you can do something I can’t do– VOTE!  Make sure you’re ready and registered and all, because you have to do that 30 days ahead of the election.

It’s easy to do– you can even register by mail.


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