Running Around GR

Grand Rapids has an impressive list of healthy activities to participate in. The largest and most well known is probably the River Bank Run, which just completed it’s 35th year, but nearly every weekend you can find an event. While a road run is good clean fun and can mark quite an accomplishment, some of us seek out the more unusual events.

This Sunday (June 10) is the GR Triathlon, with 3 different distances, including a half Ironman. The GR Urban Adventure races offer more of an Amazing Race experience, with running, biking, sometimes canoeing, and other unusual activities combined with intellectual challenges along the way.

For those that really like to get dirty, there’s the GR Mud Run, and as it’s name suggests, you’ll get very muddy. A nationwide event that is just coming to GR this year is the Warrior Dash. Part mud run, part obstacle course, part toga party, these fun runs are a far cry from events for elite athletes.

What spurred me to write this is something a bit more tame, but still a little dirty, and does involve an elite athlete! I’ve run, or will run in many of the events above, one thing I’ve never done is run with an author. But again, I will. On Thursday, June 21, Scott Jurek, ultrarunner (can you say 165+ miles in one day?), will run with a local trail running group, the Dirty Herd, before heading back to Schuler’s for a talk and book signing of his new book, Eat & Run. Scott’s running was also featured in Born to Run. It should be an interesting night. I doubt I’ll keep up…

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