GRPL-FB-GRReads I like to think of GR Reads as the library’s way of taking you on a really cool summer trip. They provide you with 10 interesting books and you can read them all, or only the ones that interest you, or none at all. There is no judgement here.

Then they create unique experiences (that are free btw) for you to do all summer long. Some are at the library. Some are at places you may never have been before. You can participate in as many as you like: all of them, the ones that interest you, or none at all. Totally up to you.

As the summer progresses, you start to see the same people over and over again: checking out a book, attending a program. You might strike up a conversation, or give a nod of acknowledgement. They are your travel companions and although you might not know them, you share the GR Reads experience.

This year the GR Reads committee selected the theme “You Are Here.” Some of the books are about place–taking a road trip through the U.S., exploring the current state of Detroit, or swimming in the Arctic Sea. Others are about experience–discovering a supernatural ability, singing at a presidential inauguration, or starting an organic farm. And some are about state of mind–dealing with a breakup, reflecting on a life of crime, or an unbalanced mother.

We have a lot planned for you this summer, so we invite you to pack up your library bag, grab a friend, and take the journey with us. Wherever you go, there you are. You are here. Welcome.


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