Road Trips with NPR

Max & Willy at the Cherry Bowl Drive In in Beulah, Michigan

I was on vacation last week  in northern Michigan and had a more-interesting-than-usual drive listening to CDs from NPR. Since our drive time didn’t exactly coincide with my favorite NPR programs, I checked out these CDs and would recommend them. If you’re a Car Talk fan, check out: The Best of Car Talk and if you enjoy the goofy songs they occasionally play try: Car Talk Car Tunes.

Other fun CDs are: NPR Road Trips: Roadside Attractions (which includes some Michigan spots not to miss) and NPR’s Family Vacations. Next vacation I’ll try some of NPR’s Driveway Moments, like Dog Tales. There’s a whole series of these Driveway Moments, so I’ll have a fun summer on the road.

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