Returns to the wrong library

Check in rules for library materials have changed in the past few years, and not all libraries can check in the material you borrow. Here are a few tips for getting the materials you borrow checked in quickly.

Whenever possible, return material to the same place from which you picked it up. This will be the quickest way to get it checked in.

You may return Grand Rapids Public Library materials to any of the eight city library branches for speedy check in. These branches are the Main Library, Madison Square, Ottawa Hills, Seymour, Van Belkum, West Leonard, West Side, and Yankee Clipper.

If you drop off items owned by other libraries at a GRPL location, we will send them back to the owning library in delivery without checking them in. We send them on their way ASAP, usually within 24 hours of receiving them. Once items are on their way home, library staff can’t stop them. You will have to wait for them to get home to be checked in.

If you turn in GRPL materials to a non-GRPL location, practices will vary. If you have questions, ask the library staff at the location where the items were returned.

If everything goes well, it takes one to two weeks for items to make it to the owning library for check in. If the item becomes overdue while on its way home, you will be responsible for the late fines.

If you have returned an item to the wrong library, try to renew it. Renewal will reduce the amount of fines that may be added while the item is in transit.

Thanks everyone, for returning your library material to the place where you borrowed it! This saves library staff time and customers money!

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