Returning Material to Lakeland Libraries

For over a year now, patrons of the Grand Rapids Public Library have been asked to return material to the library system they checked it out from. As most of you know, material will not be checked in until it reaches its home library. We made this change in conjunction with our move to the Evergreen catalog system, and it has been very successful in helping the Library be “lean” in our movement of materials.

Starting March 15, the rest of the Lakeland libraries will also move to this policy. The Lakeland Library Cooperative, which is made up of libraries from eight West Michigan counties, are asking all patrons to return library items to the location that they checked them out from. Just like at GRPL, items will not be checked in until they reach their “home” library system. This can take 7-10 days, and a patron will be responsible for the fines that are accrued during the travel period.

This past fall, the State of Michigan cut funding to libraries by 40%. These cuts have forced the Cooperative to reduce services that were funded by state aid. The Grand Rapids Public Library will continue to advocate to ensure that libraries are fully funded.

If you have any questions about the changes to Lakeland returns, please ask a library staff member. They are happy to answer any concerns you may have.

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